Friday, 24 September 2010

The Art of Darkness

Just wanted to share the wonderful film showcasing Illamasqua's latest range; 'The Art of Darkness'. I want it all.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

LFW Wardrobe

I cringe every time I end up posting pics of myself on here, but really must share some lovely clothes with you so here goes.

The lovely Rebecca, founder of Juno Says Hello lent me a couple of stunning dresses for LFW, one being the purple Escada number you can see a couple of posts ago, and another being this fabulous Man Men number. Hear I am wearing it front row at Jasper Garvida with Alex of Alex Loves, and then there's a better shot of me in the dress with my sisters at The Battle of Britain memorial service on Sunday.

Ewan MacGregor was at the service because he stars in a new TV film about the BofB made to mark its 70th anniversary. You can read my grandfather's accounts of his service in the second world war here.
Details of the next sale at the Juno Says Hello studio are in the flyer above; I've just heard that Rebecca is dressing TV cook Gizzi Erskine for her new show; so before you're lusting after the clothes on your TV set, come and let Rebecca style you herself!

I also wore a one- of- a- kind Rei coat by Beautiful Soul, whose new collection for Spring/Summer 2011 you can view in this video,'Believe' with illustrations by the talented Zarina Liew. You may also recognise the music as Gabby Young's single 'We're all in this together'!This piece is mine to keep so you'll probably see me out and about wearing it in the near future, its so comfortable and perfect for this time of year.
Beautiful Soul SS:11 Believe. from oliver Prout on Vimeo.

'Eco-aware fashion label, Beautiful Soul, teamed up with photographer Oliver Prout, illustrator Zarina Liew and recording artist Gabby Young, to create a short film to celebrate their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, ‘Believe’.
With help from (stylist) Rivkie Baum, (MUA) Michaela Sporkova, (hair stylist)Amber Rose Peake, Josh Harvey and models Samantha (Profile) and Simon (Sapphires).'

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ada Zanditon

You can read my pre- LFW interview with Ada Zanditon for Amelia's Magazine here, and my review of her Spring/Summer 2011 presentation for Bitchbuzz here.

Jasper Garvida

Read my review of the Jasper Garvida S/S 2011 show, 'Belle' for Amelia's Magazine here with a lovely illustration by Rachel Clare Price. Back to normal posts soon xxx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Orla Kiely LFW Goodybag Give Away

I've always been a fan or Orla Kiely, though her colour palette hasn't always been to my taste, anyone who does a good print is going to be on my Wish List. And now her Spring Summer 2011 collection has even included my favourite colour combos; lots of monochrome, splashes of red and very prim lemon yellow.Gorgeous tailored shapes too. The frilly bikini and the sunglasses are just perfectly vintage whilst still being contemporary.

The presentation was a film by Gia Coppola (yes, one of them), shown in a mini cinema complete with popcorn laden hostesses in cute monochrome uniforms. I absolutely loved the film; swinging sixties London, dogs, a model who actually smiles and EATS CAKE.Proper feel good fashion.You can watch it here yourself! Reminiscent of the much missed Luella (sigh) but with a distinctive Orla Kiely vibe; unlike Jasper Garvida last night which I LOVED, but couldn't help feeling a constant 'deja vu'; some of the pieces were so similar to Luella a couple of years ago.More on this from me soon.

This Orla Kiely book on Pattern and her print covered copy of Little Women are definitely going on my Amazon wishlist.

For those of you who haven't been able to make it to any of the LFW fun, here's a chance to win the goodybag from the Orla Kiely show.It contains a large foldaway shopper in Olive and a mini Orla Kiely fragrance. I'm also throwing in a Shu Uemera Lipstick from the Jena.Theo goodybag, plus some other goodies from various LFW bags.Just leave a comment on this post or tweet 'I want to win an Orla Kiely goodybag' #londonplinth . Good Luck!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Beautiful People at Illamasqua launch and LFW.

I hope you've been enjoying my LFW coverage for Amelia's magazine- even if fashion isn't your thing, the artwork that illustrators have been creating from our photos are so beautiful; its definitely worth having a look.
On the eve of LFW, I went to the launch of British make-up range, Illamasqua's flagship store on Beak street. I was decidedly under-made up; here are just a couple of the fantastic faces I saw, others included Johnny Blue Eyes, Viktoria Modesta and even Boy George and Vivienne Westwood who both arrived after I'd left; you can see their pics on the Illamasqua blog. Gabby Young is sponsored by the brand who've been really supportive in helping us create Gabby's fantastic stage looks; unfortunately Gabby couldn't be there as she's still in the States.

The store looked amazing, Illamasqua prides itself on being 'make-up for your later-ego' and on celebrating sub-cultures. The mother of murdered schoolgirl Sophie Lancaster was also at the event, urging everyone to watch the 'Dark Angel' film Illamasqua has had commissioned about Sophie's death. You probably remember reading about it in the press; Sophie and her boyfriend were beaten and left for dead basically because they looked different.Sophie later died from her injuries. The money raised from sales of the Sophie eyeliner and the film is to be used on educational courses for young people, designed to teach tolerance through interactive youth workshops.Please watch the film here; the music is by Portishead.

Over the last few days I've bumped into a number of people I 'know'- in the email/facebook/twitter sense of the word- finally putting faces to names. Here I am at Somerset House with Philip Levine, Founder of Lazy Gramaphone,the Musicalifragilistic club night and also designer Ada Zanditon's other half. Here I'm wearing a vintage Escada dress lent to me very generously by Juno Says Hello.

Here's Joel of The Dash Empire and Marian Kihogo in the press room after the Jena Theo show; looking catwalk worthy themselves.

Here's Prince Cassius after the Maria Grachvogel show, you can't see really see quite how wonderful his hair is in this picture.
One of the best things about LFW has been the chance to bump into lots of my colleagues who I usually only interact with via email; it was lovely to see Bitchbuzz founder and editor Cate Sevilla, Cleide Carina from the Sketchbook magazine team, Alex of Alex Loves reporting for Belgian Elle, and the whole team behind new site Young British Designers, including the stunning model from their video I featured a few posts ago. Many of the designers they stock on their site are present at LFW, including Jena. Theo, Felicity Brown and David Longshaw; all of whom are new favourites of mine.

Felicity Brown
David Longshaw

Saturday, 18 September 2010

London Fashion Week Exhibitions

My last piece of the day is dedicated to all the exhibitors who made a real effort with how they displayed their wares. This gorgeous set up is by Comfort Station. Read my whole piece on Amelia's Magazine.

Maria Grachvogel

Know its very controversial that I wasn't a huge fan of this, but read my whole review on Amelia's Magazine. With more ace illustrations, this time from Faye West. I wish I could draw.


I'm covering some of the London Fashion Week happenings for Amelia's magazine; you can see my report on the Jena.Theo show yesterday here, with some beautiful illustrations by Andrea Peterson. Stay tuned, there's more on the way!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Pulling out all the stops

So I've noticed a trend recently; don't know whether its a last ditch attempt to get us spending again, but designer companies seem to be resorting to decidedly underhand methods of advertising. I present as evidence; the new Juicy Couture ad.Would you like a bunny with your handbag, ma'am?And they aren't the only designer hitting below the belt; Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Bulgari have all been bringing out the Cute in well aimed advertorial blows to our weak spot.

Now I'm no subscriber to the Daily Bunny , but I'm definitely still more likely to look twice at an ad if there's something cute and furry involved. Is it an insult to our intelligence or just clever marketing?Are we going to buy expensive, smelly stuff just cos its pictured with a kitten sitting in sniffing distance?Or is it a post feminist movement celebrating the fact that we're not ashamed to indulge our cutesy side anymore?You decide.

Um, this last pic is of a hen sitting on a puppy.It is entirely irrelevant as its not a fashion ad, but I found it when googling images and it made my day.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Fashion Fete

So its that time of year when everyone takes fashion very seriously and works very hard being all busy and important and fashionable. Which makes it wonderfully refreshing when someone decides to put on something as light hearted and fun as the Covent Garden fashion fete. With a search for London's new pet model and traditional (designer)welly wanging, the fete has something for everyone. My friend Angel will be serving up her delicious Vintage Patisserie treats, 1920s style, whilst for fashion fans, there'll be vintage dressing up boxes from Rokit.

If you're after a new fashion discovery, head to the one-off pop-up shop from up and coming designer Lira Leirner. Make the most of this opportunity to grab yourself one of her unique, handmade dresses at special discount prices. Trendsetters Tatty Devine will also be holding jewellery- making classes for you to create your own one- of- a- kind accessory. Most importantly come along to enjoy the old fashioned community vibe of a fete right in the heart of London, from 11am-6pm on the 18th and 19th September.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Time for The Cosies.

Its getting to that time of year where there's really very little that will get me
out of the house.Working from home means that I now have an impressive wardrobe dedicated e
ntirely to 'loungewear' which is basically PJs that are presentable enough to answer the door to the postmen in, or perhaps pop downstairs to the newsagents for some milk. Luckily, there are now a handful of really lovely shops and companies that have totally
mastered this subcategory of clothing.
One I've just discovered is Plumo, who make this oversized jumper dress; perfect for ultimate sofa comfort, then just add boots if you need to pop out.

They also do really lovely bags and shoes, as well as some traditional homeware like the blanket above.


This sleep ensemble from Toast gets me very excited about curling up under a duvet, listening to rain falling on the windows and drinking endless cups of chai tea. And if I ever should leave the house, I'd love to wear this amazing, old school maxi dress Toast have designed.


Hush are the masters of the loungewear movement, making little else. Items like their cardigown are now staples of the home worker's wardrobe. Lots of this stuff seems pretty pricey for clothes no-ones ever going to see, but these companies also offer some great discounts;Hush had a warehouse sale down the road from me in Battersea last year where I got nightshirts and PJs for myself and my whole family for under £40.
Now all I need is a home from the pages of the Anthropologie catalogue, and one of their wonderful selection of books to curl up with.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Young British Designers

Last week I met with Adriana and Debra, two of the four person team behind new site Young British Designers. Not only were they lovely ladies, their vision for the site and indeed, the future of British fashion was really genuine and exciting. So many new sites are launched everyday, its hard to tell which are worthy of the hype they generate. Even before I met its founders, one watch of the YBD launch video and I was convinced this was the real deal. Fantastic model and styling. Some of my favourite designers on the site are Felicity Brown and Jena Theo; Adriana and Debra have even managed to wangle me a ticket to the Jena Theo show at LFW- I told you they were lovely!

My Sugarland Bloggers' Event

To be perfectly honest; and this may result in me being exiled from the fashion community completely- I don't really buy into the whole Fashion's Night Out shindig. It reeks just a bit too much of gimmick for my liking, and I genuinely don't actually enjoy the act of shopping very much these days. This is probably for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that I have nowt to spend on anything, but even when I do have some cash, there are very few stores I would actually bother going for an enjoyable shopping experience. Fighting through crowds on high streets, rummaging for my size in maze- like branches for something mass produced or overpriced, queueing for changing rooms; I'm just a bit disillusioned by it all. There are only a handful of London stores that are unique enough for me to bother leaving my sofa, one of which is My Sugarland. Whilst all the designer pieces by the likes of Jasper Garvida and even the vintage pieces are massively out of my price range, the store itself is so beautifully styled that I wanted to meet the people behind it. Also, bloggers' events are always a lovely opportunity for us bloggers to leave our sofas/beds and actually interact with each other, with is always great fun.The vintage props that have gone into making My Sugarland so amazing are mostly pieces you could find at vintage markets, sales or even on ebay.Here is my list of must haves if you want to re-create the My Sugarland look in your bedroom:

Vintage suitcases and hatboxes for storage- these tend to be massively marked up in shops; get one off ebay, or even check your local reuse and recycle centre; we found two massive leather suitcases for Gabberdashery at Gabby's local, lined with gorgeous prints.Free.Ta da!Use as makeshift drawers, to store delicates.

An antique household item; old scales, a Singer sewing machine, a vintage typewriter etc- Freecycle is amazing for this sort of thing; again Gabby is my role model when it comes to brilliant finds, she has 2 antique typewriters in her house from her local tip, and an amazing dollshouse from Freecycle. Great thing about pieces like My Sugarland's scales is that you can use them to hold jewellery etc

Vintage China- again great for displaying jewellery and accessories

Musical instruments- You don't have to know how to play them, but old instruments add a certain charm to a room.I Don't expect everyone to have room for a piano like this, but smaller items like violins are easy to come by and look lovely hanging on walls.

Old Photos- I dream of creating a wall like this in my house.I'm ecstatic that my grandmother has kept all her photos from the 1930s onwards, so we have an amazing collection. If you aren't so lucky, you can often find lots of old photographs for sale on Etsy, though having someone else's great grandmother on your wall may feel a bit which case you might like to go for postcards of old film stars from the 40s, also available on Etsy and Ebay.

It helps if you also have a plethora of incredible vintage dresses and hats that you can hang on walls or mannequins.Alternatively just pop into My Sugarland for your fix of Grandma's attic chic.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Haberdashery Antics

I just received this cute image in the latest Liberty mailout, announcing the expansion of their haberdashery department-good times! With every three metres of Liberty Art Fabric purchased they'll be giving away a 1950s style Vogue pattern, used to make the dress pictured above. Don't know where to start?Sign up for one of the Papered Parlour's dressmaking classes. You can also learn how to make a pin cushion in a vintage tea cup like the one pictured in the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine,which I blogged about recently. I know I'm always going on about Libertys but I really do think it's one of London's best shops.You can hear me going on about it and my other favourite London haunts on the wonderful new site 'My Vintage London'.

I've recently been indulging the haberdashery fiend in me with some dressmaking fun.I found this beautiful vintage wedding dress in a charity shop and have used it for a couple of photoshoots, but the hem was fairly discoloured so after much heartache I decided to chop it off and turn it into more of a prom dress. I sewed a pearl necklace onto the neckline, and some little red bells onto the top tier of lace so it jingles when you move.The roses I got off Ebay and the buttons from Broadway market.At the bottom you can just see that I've sewn some bows made from vintage Liberty print fabric onto the hem.I've given it to Gabby Young, so will try and get some pics of her wearing it one day!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gabby Young and Other Animals Secret Gig Tonight

If you're free tonight, come along to this!Its a very intimate, nautical venue; perfect for bringing a date.Or if you're date free, come and say hi to me, I'll be running the Gabberdashery stall, there's a whole gaggle of bloggers coming so come and meet us!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ada Zanditon

I just did a little interview with fabulous designer Ada Zanditon, which you can read here on the Amelia's Magazine site, accompanied by some fabulous illustrations. You can also see Ada in action at her muse, Viktoria Modesta's music showcase at Hoxton Square Bar on the 14th September. As well as Viktoria's musical performance, you'll also be treated to acts from the brilliant Bishi and Empress Stah, as well as an installation from Ada Zanditon. All ladies destined for great things.

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