Friday, 3 September 2010

Haberdashery Antics

I just received this cute image in the latest Liberty mailout, announcing the expansion of their haberdashery department-good times! With every three metres of Liberty Art Fabric purchased they'll be giving away a 1950s style Vogue pattern, used to make the dress pictured above. Don't know where to start?Sign up for one of the Papered Parlour's dressmaking classes. You can also learn how to make a pin cushion in a vintage tea cup like the one pictured in the latest issue of Oh Comely magazine,which I blogged about recently. I know I'm always going on about Libertys but I really do think it's one of London's best shops.You can hear me going on about it and my other favourite London haunts on the wonderful new site 'My Vintage London'.

I've recently been indulging the haberdashery fiend in me with some dressmaking fun.I found this beautiful vintage wedding dress in a charity shop and have used it for a couple of photoshoots, but the hem was fairly discoloured so after much heartache I decided to chop it off and turn it into more of a prom dress. I sewed a pearl necklace onto the neckline, and some little red bells onto the top tier of lace so it jingles when you move.The roses I got off Ebay and the buttons from Broadway market.At the bottom you can just see that I've sewn some bows made from vintage Liberty print fabric onto the hem.I've given it to Gabby Young, so will try and get some pics of her wearing it one day!


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Lena said...

Wow, thank you so much for the mention!

I love the dress you customised,it's amazing!

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