Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Sugarland Bloggers' Event

To be perfectly honest; and this may result in me being exiled from the fashion community completely- I don't really buy into the whole Fashion's Night Out shindig. It reeks just a bit too much of gimmick for my liking, and I genuinely don't actually enjoy the act of shopping very much these days. This is probably for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that I have nowt to spend on anything, but even when I do have some cash, there are very few stores I would actually bother going for an enjoyable shopping experience. Fighting through crowds on high streets, rummaging for my size in maze- like branches for something mass produced or overpriced, queueing for changing rooms; I'm just a bit disillusioned by it all. There are only a handful of London stores that are unique enough for me to bother leaving my sofa, one of which is My Sugarland. Whilst all the designer pieces by the likes of Jasper Garvida and even the vintage pieces are massively out of my price range, the store itself is so beautifully styled that I wanted to meet the people behind it. Also, bloggers' events are always a lovely opportunity for us bloggers to leave our sofas/beds and actually interact with each other, with is always great fun.The vintage props that have gone into making My Sugarland so amazing are mostly pieces you could find at vintage markets, sales or even on ebay.Here is my list of must haves if you want to re-create the My Sugarland look in your bedroom:

Vintage suitcases and hatboxes for storage- these tend to be massively marked up in shops; get one off ebay, or even check your local reuse and recycle centre; we found two massive leather suitcases for Gabberdashery at Gabby's local, lined with gorgeous prints.Free.Ta da!Use as makeshift drawers, to store delicates.

An antique household item; old scales, a Singer sewing machine, a vintage typewriter etc- Freecycle is amazing for this sort of thing; again Gabby is my role model when it comes to brilliant finds, she has 2 antique typewriters in her house from her local tip, and an amazing dollshouse from Freecycle. Great thing about pieces like My Sugarland's scales is that you can use them to hold jewellery etc

Vintage China- again great for displaying jewellery and accessories

Musical instruments- You don't have to know how to play them, but old instruments add a certain charm to a room.I Don't expect everyone to have room for a piano like this, but smaller items like violins are easy to come by and look lovely hanging on walls.

Old Photos- I dream of creating a wall like this in my house.I'm ecstatic that my grandmother has kept all her photos from the 1930s onwards, so we have an amazing collection. If you aren't so lucky, you can often find lots of old photographs for sale on Etsy, though having someone else's great grandmother on your wall may feel a bit which case you might like to go for postcards of old film stars from the 40s, also available on Etsy and Ebay.

It helps if you also have a plethora of incredible vintage dresses and hats that you can hang on walls or mannequins.Alternatively just pop into My Sugarland for your fix of Grandma's attic chic.


Penny Dreadful said...

I'm with you - I avoided the whole fashion night out thing. My Sugarland is a lovely store though, that is what shopping should be like.

sarah said...

It was nice to meet you yesterday (though briefly)! I agree the best part about My Sugarland was how beautiful it was to look at. Thanks for reminding me about freecycle! I keep overlooking it as a good source for unique things.

Sarah x

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