Friday, 10 September 2010

Time for The Cosies.

Its getting to that time of year where there's really very little that will get me
out of the house.Working from home means that I now have an impressive wardrobe dedicated e
ntirely to 'loungewear' which is basically PJs that are presentable enough to answer the door to the postmen in, or perhaps pop downstairs to the newsagents for some milk. Luckily, there are now a handful of really lovely shops and companies that have totally
mastered this subcategory of clothing.
One I've just discovered is Plumo, who make this oversized jumper dress; perfect for ultimate sofa comfort, then just add boots if you need to pop out.

They also do really lovely bags and shoes, as well as some traditional homeware like the blanket above.


This sleep ensemble from Toast gets me very excited about curling up under a duvet, listening to rain falling on the windows and drinking endless cups of chai tea. And if I ever should leave the house, I'd love to wear this amazing, old school maxi dress Toast have designed.


Hush are the masters of the loungewear movement, making little else. Items like their cardigown are now staples of the home worker's wardrobe. Lots of this stuff seems pretty pricey for clothes no-ones ever going to see, but these companies also offer some great discounts;Hush had a warehouse sale down the road from me in Battersea last year where I got nightshirts and PJs for myself and my whole family for under £40.
Now all I need is a home from the pages of the Anthropologie catalogue, and one of their wonderful selection of books to curl up with.

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