Saturday, 23 October 2010


We may not have as many beautiful people, but damn it, we can still make good, gritty TV.

US: Glee: a bunch of 'misfits' who could still happily grace the cover of GQ show off their singing and dancing skills whilst at the same time trying to teach us about being black or fat or gay or knocked up.

UK: The Inbetweeners- A bunch of misfits try and get past the obstacle of their limited IQs to get laid. Expect copious bodily fluids, excrement and projectile vomiting.

US: Gossip Girl; Rich Manhattan kids get into all sorts of trouble wearing extremely expensive shoes, whilst having a lot more sex than anyone actually does at that age.

UK: Skins; Bristol kids take drugs and get it on wearing stuff from H&M

US: The West Wing; The Democratic party are in office, and they kick butt. They do a lot of walking and save the world.

UK: The Thick Of It; politicians swear their way through their various screw ups. they walk a lot too, but they don't get so far.

US: Friends; Group of perpetually 20 something friends sit on sofas and drink coffee.They love each other and sometimes make babies together.
US: Peep Show; two loser friends sit on sofas and achieve even less than their American counterparts.

US: Grey's Anatomy- glamorous doctors do flirting and sex and stuff. sometimes they save people too.

UK: Holby City- NHS doctors have a lot less sex and save people who don't necessarily have insurance.


Miss Tami Lee said...

This really cracked me up!

Penny Dreadful said...

rotfl, great synopsis :D

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this!

Sarah said...

Ha, loved this. So true though!! UK people are less shiny, but in the long run, our TV is a whole lot more awesome. But I still love fluffy US shows.

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