Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pens, Paper and Pop-ups

                                Julie and Dana

Last week I went to Smythsons with Dana, editor of Mien Magazine, to have our handwriting analysed by a professional graphologist. Her name was Julie Hinton, and she made remarkably accurate comments about both of our personalities- two particular examples in my case were her saying that I sometimes act outgoing and extrovert when I actually don't always feel like that, and also that I sometimes lack energy which, being narcoleptic, is pretty much bang on.

It felt strange actually writing by hand- its something we do so rarely now, which is a shame as there is little that excites me more than some good stationery. I was thrilled to hear about a pop-up shop coming from Present and Correct, in the style of a vintage schoolroom!Founder Neil Whittington says;
Our work is inspired and driven by a lifelong love of paper ephemera as well as memories of school and the activities we took part in. We look to stamps, labels, tags, picture books and educational aids for ideas and feelings. A new notebook, that first day at school and getting top marks in class: those are the things we like.”
It will be open from 4th to 21st December at House of Propellers, Monday to Saturday 12-6pm and til 9pm on Thursdays.
The gallery will be transformed into a festive vintage school classroom, complete with tree, candy cane decorations, school desks and blackboard. Find both new and carefully sourced vintage items on sale, including rare and out-of-print books and posters. Treat someone to a vintage Olivetti typewriter, a splendid wooden Delphonics pen, an embossed leather pencil case, or a set of hand-printed jotters.

You will even be able to write and post your Christmas cards via the special Present & Correct Christmas post box. Once you’ve ticked all the Christmas presents off your list, Present & Correct can also help make your gifts and home look splendid with Christmas cards, vintage wrapping paper, gift tags, crackers and paper garlands.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas Gift Guide-part Three; Vintage

2010 has been a big year for vintage, with the likes of Lily Allen taking it mainstream with her venture 'Lucy in Disuguise' and the first festival dedicated to all things retro, Vintage at Goodwood. So what to buy for followers of the vintage trend?If they're new to the scene, nothing will beat an introduction from the experts; try a half orfull day vintage tour of London from Fox and Squirrel. If, like these ladies, they already have a wardrobe full of 50s frocks then here are some of their vintage wishlist gems, and as always, a few recommendations from moi.

Rebecca Rose, 31, Owner of online boutique selling luxury vintage fashion, Juno Says Hello
Interests; Art History,(doing my PHD!) Mexico, cooking, and walking my dog... Juno! 
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Gaggia coffee machine, Premier Figuier perfume by Artisan Parfumeur, a splurge in Collinge & Clark bookshop.
Katie's recommendations:

A must have for Vintage fashion fans' coffee tables, Cecil Beaton's The Art of The Scrapbook. See the behind the scenes images from the photographer who shot all the greatest stars. If Rebecca gets her coffee machine she should have some lovely vintage cups to drink it from- check out Mrs Stokes for gorgeous crockery cased in cute gift cases.

Natasha Bailie, age 26, Seller of fabulous vintage frocks at Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing Company
Interests; Blogging, 1950s vintage fashion and style, and watching every American boxset ever created.
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Mad Men Boxset – for Jon Hamm and vintage fashion candy! 
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: A Vintage Chanel handbag...I dream...
Katie's recommendations; A great Stocking filler for all fans of the TV series, are these Mad Men Paper Dolls from Culture Label.

I know Natasha is furnishing a new home in Singapore, so one of these upcycled vintage seats made from vintage trunks from 'Recreate' would be perfect, or an Orla Kiely radio so she can listen to radio 4 when she's feeling homesick.

 Frankie Murray, age 24, vintage jewellery designer and blogger
Interests: Vintage, fashion, tea, Poirot.
Realistic expectations for under your tree: I want to start making videos for my blog, perhaps showing how I make my jewellery or of interviews with people I admire, so I'd really like a Flip Camcorder
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: Vintage Chanel handbag

Katie's Recommendations; Ok ladies, I hear you with the Chanel bag thing. Luckily I recently discovered Rewind Vintage who specialise in stocking vintage Chanel bags.

 Lena Weber, 30, PR consultant, founder of the Vintage Guide to London, freelance writer, blogger.
Interests; anything 1960s, vintage, writing, cinema, small rodents
Realistic expectations for under your tree: I would love a Dansette record player (still very expensive) or black original 60s Mary Janes
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: a permanent suite at Claridge's

Katie's Recommendations; Recreate classic British 'Claridges' glamour with gifts from Go British, they stock all the timeless vintage favourites, from traditional Penhaligons for the bathroom to limited editions like this Christopher Kane Roberts Radio. They also have a great gifts guide section- where you can shop by British style icon; from Princess Diana and Winston Churchill, to Audrey Hepburn and James Bond

Friday, 26 November 2010

Elizabeth Lau pops up for Christmas

Not happy with having created one of the cutest fashion videos around, Elizabeth Lau is making everyones Christmas with a pop-up shop, open from today til the 24th December at 2 Ganton street just off Carnaby street. There'll be a free gift wrapping service and a sanctuary to put your shopping-weary feet up in. Opening times 10-7, except Thursdays when it will be open til 8, and Sundays when it closes at 6.
Here are just a couple of Elizabeth's winter pieces that would make great gifts:

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I recently blogged about the exhibition 'Here Today' thats being curated by two talented artist friends of mine, Tinsel and Twinkle. Turns out, the pair have been super busy, as they have both also created work for a brilliant new exhibition called 'Remasters'; Old Master paintings altered, reworked or just defaced by today's irreverent talent. Above is Twinkle Troughton's offering, below Tinsel Edwards. You can go check out both exhibitions on the 3rd.

David Antoinette

Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas Gift Guide-part two; Fashionistas.

Welcome to the second instalment of my Christmas Gift Guide series. This week I chatted to my friends who work in fashion; these guys spend all year surrounded by gorgeous stuff, so come Christmas, they KNOW what they want.I've tried to give some tailored recommendations, but be warned- this is a fussy bunch. If your fashionista friend says they want one of the new Vivienne Westwood notebooks for Christmas, then they MEAN a Vivienne Westwood notebook, not one that looks the same and is a fraction of the price from WHSmith.
Joél Dash, Freelance Fashion Journalist & Consultant
Interests include Fashion, Sex & Champagne
Realistic expectations for under your tree: My family are very cheeky. We generally ask everyone to write down 10 things they really want but I think I'm the only one who actually buys one of the things written down because I never seem to get any of the things from my list. This year though I asked Santa to put a Fendi Peekaboo under my tree. I also threatened Santa. I told him that if I don't get it this year I'll blog that he isn't real.
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: a '911 CARERRA 4 CABRIOLET' in metallic black and sand beige leather interior! My throat is going dry just thinking about it...
Katie's recommendations:
I have a lot of respect for someone who lists 'sex' as an interest. So I'm sharing one of my best kept secrets here, Coco de Mer; a ticket to one of their fantastic erotic salons would make a great gift.

Alex Vanthournout , 25 Freelance Fashion Journalist and Blogger 'Alex Loves'
Interests include Fashion, browsing the internet for random things , Come Dine With Me, shoes, online shopping.
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Proenza Schouler PS1 bag in black leather
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: green-eyed, chocolate Labrador puppy named Jack. 
Katie's recommendations: 
Alex loves her labels, so I'd buy her something from one of the fashion stars of the future; anything from Wolf and BadgerYoung British Designers or My Sugarland.

Grace Timothy, 27 Beauty and Fashion writer
Interests: I don't have a hobby, but after 5 years communting between Brighton and London, I guzzle up books in a day. I especially like John Irving because you know you'll be with him for a while when you start one of his door-stop novels. I've also just discovered Vanity Fair's 'Writers Reading' series which is free to download at iTunes. That's my new thing. So I expect I'll be getting a fair few books this Christmas. Yes, a pile of new books followed by a good sofa, a naff DVD, a bottle of champagne and salty pretzels is what I have planned. 
Wildfox t-shirts make fail-safe gifts for fashionistas.Also bunnies.
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Other than books, I would love to see a Smythsonblue bag under the tree with a new diary inside, a NEOM candle, some aromatherapy oils, a Wildfox t-shirt and a Zoe &Morgan pendant.
Shoe designer Charlotte Olympia
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: Free flights for 2011 - in the past year I've lost two friends to New York, one to Dubai and another to Singapore, so I need to get off the ground. Also, I'd also like four pairs of new shoes: Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood, Camilla Skorsgaard and the pair of silver Chanel platforms my friend Verity bought at the Chanel sample sale two years ago. They're my size and everything. Finally I would love to own a signed photographic print by Helmut Newton or Guy Bourdin.
Katie's recommendations: 
Smythson's are doing a gorgeous 2011 diary designed by young British designer Holly Fulton-perfect for fashionistas. And this is a brilliant site for buying iconic, fashion photographic prints:PhotographersLimitedEditions.

Amber Atherton, 19, model and founder of My Flash Trash
Interests include Jewellery, Reading, Dinner Parties
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Any Jewellery from Patricia Nicolas
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: Reaching 10,000 orders of jewellery from Flash Trash!
Katie's recommendations: Amber's obviously a bit of a workaholic, so I'd get her something to help inspire her in her work; a collectable book like this one about the history of costume jewellery in Vogue, or maybe even a place on one of these day-long introduction to silversmithing courses at The Papered Parlour.

Debra Hepburn, 40’s, Director of Young British Designers
Interests include My family, Fashion, Writing, Reading, Cooking, The Sea.
Jena Theo coat
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Fashion: The Jena.Theo great coat (is that realistic? I know where one is!!) A teeeeeeeny weeeeny but exquisite diamond eternity band (from my other half of course!) A watercolour set in one of those old fashioned wooden boxes! And Books...lots and lots of books.
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: A Cornish Fisherman’s Boat. With a little cabin and painted blue and green. Oh, and a kettle and Earl Grey and some Hendricks and Fever Tree tonic on board. And maybe some cake. OR a perfume created uniquely for me.
Katie's recommendations: Dressing table staple Jo Malone offer the chance to create your own bespoke scent here.

Dominic Buchanan, 28, Film Production & Development Exec/Producer, and International Event Organiser and Host; next hosting the New York Fashion Week party at Soho House New York
Interests include Film, Girls, Rum, Ginger Beer, The World
Realistic expectations for under your tree: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Eau de Parfum  and the newApple MacBook Air
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams: an NYC Penthouse
Katie's recommendations;
For film fans I honestly can't think of any better gift than membership to the BFI, which will soon be showing features for the Fashion in Film Festival.

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