Monday, 8 November 2010

Bloggers' Supermarket

This Sunday I went to the Bloggers' Supermarket, organised by Lois Weller aka @bunnipunch, in the wonderful workspace belonging to Pierre Garoudi. Pierre's pieces lined the showroom whilst the designer himself worked away amidst heaps of tulle- his pieces are all about volume and texture in a range of exquisite colours. The whole room was also decorated with Pierre's lampshades in a range of colours, fabrics and shapes; I fell in love with this romantic tulle shade:

A number of designers were also exhibiting their wares in Pierre's showroom, including the stunning Georgia Nash, below. Her vintage inspired accessories and clothes really caught my eye, from bejewelled turbans to amazing, embellished underwear-as-outerwear and an ornate zip jacket -so heavy I could barely lift it! Georgia is selling her creations through this fantastic website which I'm really glad she introduced me to; ClosetBox. I'm in love with this cream chiffon cape of hers.

I also met the owner of Lila Boutique ; who stock these beautiful customised vintage scarves by Bedcrumb.

The Bloggers' supermarket is going to be a regular event, so I definitely recommend popping down.Its also right next door to the 99 day pop-up venue of Counter Culture. I paid them a visit on my way home;  their market included a stall selling jewellery made from recycled stainless steel cutlery as well as NovaLorsten; masters of the art of reclaiming. Here's a cork notice board- the seller assured me that all the corks were collected through 'her own work'!

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Lena said...

Oh wow, some lovely stuff there!

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