Tuesday, 16 November 2010

In the dog house

Yesterday afternoon I took the girls I nanny and their dog, Betsy to Lily's Kitchen Diner, a pop-up dog cafe in Pimlico. Its completely free, you just rock up with your pooch who can sample some of the Lily's Diner food- all carefully sourced and all natural; I have to admit even I was quite tempted by the apple and cheese treats and bedtime bites.

There's a velvet sofa covered with cushions for you to relax on with your dog; Betsy adored this as she's not allowed on the sofa at home so she and the girls thought this was a real treat.

There's a basket of chew toys your dog can play with, as well as a 'tummy rub station'. Another dog called Minnie came in while we were there, and both she and Betsy posed for pics taken by Lily's staff member Katie, who was then going to post them on the Lily's Diner facebook page.

 Basically, if you have a dog or know anyone who does, take them to the diner  cos you'll all enjoy it; I'm not even a super doggy person but seeing how excited Betsy got was brilliant. She loved all the attention, and despite being the laziest dog I know (she actually goes and hides under the sofa when its time for her walk)I think she'll be keen to leave the house if it means being pampered at Lily's again.

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