Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pens, Paper and Pop-ups

                                Julie and Dana

Last week I went to Smythsons with Dana, editor of Mien Magazine, to have our handwriting analysed by a professional graphologist. Her name was Julie Hinton, and she made remarkably accurate comments about both of our personalities- two particular examples in my case were her saying that I sometimes act outgoing and extrovert when I actually don't always feel like that, and also that I sometimes lack energy which, being narcoleptic, is pretty much bang on.

It felt strange actually writing by hand- its something we do so rarely now, which is a shame as there is little that excites me more than some good stationery. I was thrilled to hear about a pop-up shop coming from Present and Correct, in the style of a vintage schoolroom!Founder Neil Whittington says;
Our work is inspired and driven by a lifelong love of paper ephemera as well as memories of school and the activities we took part in. We look to stamps, labels, tags, picture books and educational aids for ideas and feelings. A new notebook, that first day at school and getting top marks in class: those are the things we like.”
It will be open from 4th to 21st December at House of Propellers, Monday to Saturday 12-6pm and til 9pm on Thursdays.
The gallery will be transformed into a festive vintage school classroom, complete with tree, candy cane decorations, school desks and blackboard. Find both new and carefully sourced vintage items on sale, including rare and out-of-print books and posters. Treat someone to a vintage Olivetti typewriter, a splendid wooden Delphonics pen, an embossed leather pencil case, or a set of hand-printed jotters.

You will even be able to write and post your Christmas cards via the special Present & Correct Christmas post box. Once you’ve ticked all the Christmas presents off your list, Present & Correct can also help make your gifts and home look splendid with Christmas cards, vintage wrapping paper, gift tags, crackers and paper garlands.

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riseart said...

What a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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