Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide Part 6: Music

What would Christmas be without music?Here are some of my favourite musos with their Christmas wishlists and my recommendations for gift to buy people like them. I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas Gift Guides, I now must go and actually start my Christmas shopping.Happy Holidays everyone!xxx
Interests; Learning circus skills from Bret Pfister and helping Piers Atkinson make hats
Realistic expectations for under your tree; We'd love to find Paperself false eyelashes under the Christmas tree. They're made from paper and are cut into beautifully intricate designs. They're available from, but if you're buying them as a gift you should remember to buy some eyelash glue to go with them as we're sure whoever you give them to will want to put them on right away. We also love Three Strap Elevated Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes .They're made from plastic, so are perfect for wet December weather, and come in a huge range of colours.
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; We'd love to receive some luxury Bebaroque tights! They're heavily embellished and are a real showstopper. Our favourites are the Lourdes tights. We're going to be collaborating with Bebaroque on some legwear next season so watch this space! And another amazing Christmas gift would be a pair of handmade couture Terry de Havilland high heels. They can be made in every colour imaginable, and Terry can even incorporate your own fabrics or spell out a personal message in diamante on the sole! We've got broken hearts on the soles of ours, but Terry has 'FUCK' and 'YOU' on his!
Katie's Recommendations; I'm a huge fan of those Paperself eyelashes; but if you've left it too late to order online, you can also buy them in my friend's lovely shop Luna and Curious, who sell lots of trinkets that I think Amber and Nisha would like, including some fancy tights. Bebaroque are stocked at My Sugarland, one of my favourite haunts.

Tallulah Rendall,20s,Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Record Label Director
Interests: Aside from writing and singing to my hearts content.... I love dancing... I think I am addicted to it. Dancing in fancy dress, head to town in glitter.. what could be better, maybe running naked in the rain. 
Realistic expectations for under your tree; mmmm normally I would say a guitar, but I have recently quenched that desire by buying a 1964 Fender Coronado II mmmmmmm yummy sounding guitar.. So what would I like under the christmas tree... a beautiful white mare to gallop across the wilds... (guess that doesn't fit the whole realistic expectation side a things..)a white wolf...a kitten...I am now thinking small.. I will be in oz touring so something tiny? Mmmm ..I don't do tiny! 
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; I think see above for selection of animals!
Katie's Recommendations; Tallulah sounds like she'd appreciate the opportunity to shadow a zoo-keeper for the day, available through Virgin experiences.You can buy Tallulah's album/bookLibellus here and her new album will be out in March, you can see singles from it here.

Stephen Ellis, 31, Teaches music to children with emotional and behavioural disorders / ...">Sings and plays guitar with Revere / Plays in Gabby Young & Other Animals / Budding children's author
Interests: Composing and performing music / Cinema / Film Music / Reading / Writing / Sharks...
Realistic expectations for under your tree; A portable celesta - the most beautiful musical instrument ever created...
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; A large multi-floored open plan space to live in and fill with all my stuff. Been watching too much Grand Designs on TV... Alternatively a recording session with a full brass band and orchestra or music lessons for life...or to be able to go swimming with sharks.
Katie's Recommendations; Shark diving experiences here, you nutter. For any budding authors, childrens or otherwise, the retreats provided by Urban Writers Retreat offer a priceless chance to lock yourself away from distractions without having to trek off to the countryside. Buy Revere fans a place at one of their intimate gigs- The Songs of Nick Drake will be on January 26th

Interests;Performing, making, singing, playing, eating and sleeping
Realistic expectations for under your tree; Something pretty from Anthropologie- I especially love their hats and I'm a bit of a hat fanatic!
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; A new car - my boyfriend and I were crashed into last year and our van died in the same week ; I have missed having a vehicle and being able to drive to gigs etc SO much since then. I always have a lot of stuff- too much for the bus and taxis are FAR too expensive. I don't care what car it is as long as it drives but if we talking about dreams then I have always wanted a peppermint and brown coloured Beetle!
Katie's recommendations; I think Gabby would love these retro sweet purses and bags by Nathalie Thakur available through The Shop Floor Project. A headpiece by Kat Swank is also a dream present for anyone who likes headwear- this art deco, Muchas-inspired piece compliments Gabby's style perfectly. You can buy the special edition of Gabby's album here as well as signed albums, limited edition tour posters and Gabberdashery stock here.

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