Monday, 27 December 2010

Darker Fairytales

Happy Christmas everyone!I hope you had a wonderful time.I have unfortunately been suffering from the Cold of Doom, which meant I totally lost my appetite for Christmas Day AND Boxing day.Booze:denied. Sandwiches made from leftovers: Denied.
But I got some really lovely presents which are keeping me happy, including a whole lot of books off my Amazon wishlist. Many of these are collections of modern fairytales- I've always been fascinated by the fairytale/myth/legend genre and so modern re-workings are always on my bookshelf. I've just got Angela Carter's 'Book of Wayward girls and wicked women' which gives women strong leading roles rather than making than damsels in distress, Laura Dockrill's 'Echoes' featuring a modern day Princess and the Pea, and forty new fairy tales in the compilation 'My mother, she killed me, my father, he ate me' including stories by legends like Neil Gaiman and Joyce Carol Oates. Bedtime never looked so good!!!
I've been wanting to post a fairytale inspired series of images by one of my favourite photographers, Rosie Hardy for a while now, and this seems an appropriate moment, as they ask us to think about those less fortunate than ourselves.I'm including the captions Rosie includes in her flickr stream.

Dorothy's Ban from Oz
"5 million Burmese have fled their country's oppressive regime to live as despised aliens in neighboring countries. Immigration discrimination is a serious problem that needs to be addressed."

Belle's Drunken Night Out
"In 2005, about 10.8 million persons ages 12-20 reported drinking alcohol in the past month. Nearly 7.2 million were binge drinkers, and 2.3 million were heavy drinkers.
Among the sexually active high school students nationwide, almost 1/4 had drunk alcohol or used drugs before their last sexual encounter.
There are more than 750,000 teen pregnancies a year. Eight in ten of these pregnancies are unintended."

Sleeping Beauty's Other Needles

"According to statistics in the USA, there are 367 deaths due to drug abuse per week, which translates into two deaths per hour."

Snow White's Eating Disorder

"It is estimated that 8 million Americans have an eating disorder – seven million women and one million men."

Thumbelina's stunted growth

"Even top-notch medical care can't compensate for the multiple effects of smoking on a developing baby. First and foremost, smoking cuts down a baby's supply of oxygen. A lack of oxygen hampers a fetus's growth and development, setting the stage for low birth weight, stillbirth, miscarriage, and many other potential complications."

There are more images in this series that you can see on Rosie's flickr stream here. Most of her pictures are also self-portraits- I particularly like her portrayal-with the help of her boyfriend- of the seven deadly sins.




VildesVerden said...

OMG - these are great!

Cast away the clouds said...

these are so awesome.

Style Souk said...

You know those moments - precious and unexpected as they are - when you discover something so astoundingly provoking it plays on your thoughts for days to follow?

I think I just had one of them.

Sarah x

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