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Katie's Christmas Gift Guide Part 5: Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts has to be my favourite Gift Guide category so far- its a theme close to my heart and Nikki's dream gift of an empty shop to fill with handmade curiosities is probably also my dearest wish. I had the pleasure of chatting to Charlie Gladstone, who founded and runs iconic emporium Pedlars with his wife Caroline. There is nothing on their site that wouldn't make me truly ecstatic. It is my ultimate foolproof Christmas shopping destination, and generally my letters to Santa these days just read 'anything from Pedlars'. Etsy is another of my online shopping staples; UK rep Amity gives us her wishlist, and we hear from a few of my favourite artists, crafters and old friends.

Charlie Gladstone, 46, Retailer (founder of Pedlars), organic farmer, Christmas Tree farmer, (Read Charlie and Caroline's blog here and follow them on twitter)

Interests: Family, photography, music, the great outdoors, design, food, interiors 
Realistic expectations for under your tree An axe from Best Made co I think this might come true this year.
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; An entire year off with my family  
Katie's Recommendations; What to get the man who has everything?I can only recommend dinner at set designer Tony Hornecker's incredible home which he opens up to a select few diners over the Christmas period. having designed sets for everyone from Bat for Lashes to the Royal Opera House, Tony's house is no less wondrous than you'd imagine; crawl through the Alice in Wonderland style doorway into his dollshouse-like bedroom to eat your dinner off mismatched vintage china. from 17th-22nd December, spaces very limited. You can read about the dinner I had behind the pale blue door here.

Amity Roach,28,Community Manager & UK Blogger for Etsy.com. Also a designer/maker specialising in recycled fine silver jewellery.
Interests: Innovative arts & crafts, photography, psychology, crazy tea towels. 
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams The incredible Dandelion Trilogy Ring from machajewelry!
Katie's recommendations; Amity obviously knows exactly what she wants, but if I had to come up with another gift for her it would probably be this vintage cameo necklace from Uncommonly Beautiful recycled accessories.

 Nikki Shaill aka Cherry Bakewell,27,founder of The Great Cake Escape/ editor of Lady Craft zine/ curator of The Lady Garden at Ladyfest Ten (Arts and events producer & general creator of things)
Interests:illustration and doodling, circus and cabaret, vintage markets, hula hooping, guerilla art, dressing up, daydreaming 
Run-Riot founder, Jamie, screenprinting at The Print Club London on our away-day

Realistic expectations for under your tree; Print Club London beginner's workshop voucher (£45) The smell of ink, the sound of the squeegee pulled across the screen, the anticipation as you reveal your finished design...screen printing turns me on. Based just across the road from where I live, a voucher for a workshop at Print Club London would be my perfect present to find under the tree. The prospect of getting messy with ink and being able to create my own range of Christmas card designs and wrapping paper is very exciting. Almost as covetable are their range of posters and prints that other people have already been busy creating, available on their website:  
Or a Fine Cell Work cushion- especially the tattoo inspired designs:  As well as being beautiful hand embroidered designs in their own right, I'd love one of these cushions for Christmas in the knowledge that it would support Fine Cell Work and the inspiring work that they do using craft to support and rehabilitate people in prison. I really enjoyed meeting an ex-offender who had a powerful story to share of how learning to make quilts and cushions, like this one, helped get him survive prison life, deal with his issues and stay connected to his family. Also Fanzines by Teal Triggs (Thames and Hudson)  Teal Triggs is an inspiring woman. She knows her zines. After hearing her enthuse on the subject at The Women's Library this summer, I finally got around to creating my first zine. This book would be a great gift for all aspiring or avid zinesters who want to carry on the DIY publishing tradition.

Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; On a fantasy Christmas morning, Santa would have hidden in the bottom of my stocking a little box with a red gingham bow that contained inside a key. The key would be to the premises of an empty shop space that would be mine to own and transform into the creative space of my dreams (rent-free for ever, of course). The space would be called 'Knicker-Frock-a-Glory' and I'd fill it with hand-made creations from all of my favourite designer-maker-DIY-artist friends, vintage treasures and beautiful things. It'd be a third space- a mixture of a shop, gallery, museum, library and cafe. There'd be an exhibition space, a cafe serving the yummiest sundaes, cake and tea plus a reading corner filled with zines and picture books. It'd host the most fantastical happenings and events every night of the week and be filled with loveliest people who'd pop by regularly.

Zarina Liew,29, Freelance fashion illustrator and self-published comic artist
Interests: Drawing, painting, reading comics, collecting ridiculously high heeled shoes and not wearing them, eating a lot of chocolate biscuits, listening to BBC radio stories, playing with my sister’s cats, writing a wish list of all the items of clothing I love... 
Realistic expectations for under your tree; Officially, I don’t celebrate Christmas in any shape or form but if I were to visit my partner’s family tree, I’d love to receive David Downton’s “Masters of Fashion Illustration”, a cosy YSL leopard print scarf and a pack of green & blacks chocolate.
 Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; Hm...that’s interesting. I would have to say (in no particular order) a trip back in time for a beautiful 1920s inspired dinner date with Aubrey Beardsley followed by him illustrating me in a (fast-forward) Roksanda Ilincic gown. Tea Ceremony with Hayao Miyazaki, Rumiko Takahashi, Chica Umino and Tite Kubo during the Cherry Blossom season with my fellow mangakas. A personal gig with the late John Martyn for my partner and myself, when he was in his youth, in candlelit surroundings followed by an honest drinking session. Finally, an extra week for each working week to spend time in my studio to paint and draw as I like. 
Katie's Recommendations; Zarina's illustrations are featured in Amelia Gregory's (of Amelia's Magazine) latest book; a Compendium of Fashion Illusatration featuring ethical designers like Beautiful Soul (who Zarina also illustrated a video for),Ada Zanditon, Minna, Lu Flux and many more. The perfect gift for anyone interested in illustration, fashion or both.

Perri Lewis,25, journalist
Interests: writing, editing and making stuff
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; Give me a Bernina 830, the ultimate sewing machine, please. It's over £5,000, mind.

Interests; Art (other peoples and making my own), eating out, cooking, nice wine, cycling, music/bands, travelling,thrift shopping, markets, clothes (especially coats and shoes!)...
Realistic expectations for under your tree; new red shoes and a sparkly dress I have fallen in love with!
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; ooh apart from world peace...a wonderful home to call my own in London

 Tinsel Edwards,31, artist
Interests;painting,looking round flea markets and charity shops, listening to lots of different types of music, eating Italian food
 Realistic expectations for under your tree;family, lovely food and drink (I guess thats not really under the tree though) handmade quirky and interesting things are always good, I do also have my eye on some orange suede Kurt Geiger 6 inch heels too!
Ideal Christmas gift of your dreams; A citroen DS!
Katie's recommendations; For those who like quirky gifts, I can't recommend anyone more strongly than Supermarket Sarah- Tinsel and Twinkle are both fans of vintage and thrift store finds, which feature strongly in Sarah's art installations/online shop. You can even buy work by Tinsel and Twinkle themselves on the Gabberdashery wall I co-curated last month.

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