Saturday, 31 July 2010

Summer Loving

Every summer I go to a few festivals and decide I hate everything in my non-festival wardrobe. Why can't we always wear bright colours and flowers in our hair?Sometimes I wish my whole wardrobe was more Frida Kahlo.

Or more Bernado Bertolucci. Eva Green in The Dreamers or Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty; floaty see-through, floral print full length dresses please. Then again, sometimes summer brings out the trash in me. True Romance's Alabama has a wardrobe that would make most women look like they're hookers.Oh, I just remembered, she is a hooker in that movie.sort of.but she looks ACE. As does femme fatale Liv Tyler (again) in One night at McCool's; lots of cleavage, leopard print and other numbers you'd never wear to your in-laws.Car wash scene is the best.Makes everything in my wardrobe look total Dullsville.


Butterfly bracelet from the brilliant stockists 'Things we Love'

Culture Label has a brand new website, sporting one of my favourite apps; the wishlist. Get adding now ready for when relatives start asking what you'd like for Christmas. Stocking products from over 150 British museums and galleries, the site has quirky merchandise to suit all tastes and budgets, from one off works of art to trinkets and other gift shop staples. Here's what I've racked up in my wishlist already.
Left- Custard shoes by Tatty Devine

Jemima bow knickers by Hilary Laing

Storm in a Royal Delft Teacup by John Lumbus
Crystal Headpiece from Beyond the Valley

Agyness Dean Paper Doll from Things We Love

Friday, 30 July 2010

Old School

I recently came across the work of photographer Ellen Rogers via Susie Bubble's blog.I don't think I've ever come across modern photographs that have made me go quite so gooey inside. They really remind me of Julia Margaret Cameron's work; all beautiful sepia tones and girls with flowing pre-raphaelite hair. Ellen doesn't use digital photography; she gets the beautiful old fashioned effect by using proper old school dark room techniques. Julia photographed many celebrities of her time, from Darwin to Alice (the real Alice in Wonderland)Liddell and created Arthurian myth scenes, not dissimilar to Grace Coddington's fairytale editorials these days. See Julia's work above and Ellen's below.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Colour me beautiful...

Spending lots of time around Gabby Young with her amazing hair has made me begin to tire of my boring old brunette crop.Problem is that my hair is quite dark so dying it fun colours tends to involve nasty bleaching.Of course this is largely an excuse; I mainly don't dye it anything fun cos I don't have the balls.But if I did, these are the pics I'd take to the hairdressers.The Collage above is from this great site. Its editor Marian has also just done an interview with Wafa Alobaidat, editor of Sketchbook Magazine, which you can read here.

The Ones to Watch is another amazing site for editorials that I discovered recently courtesy of Natasha Bailie.

Kirsten Dunst with blue hair..

The wonderful Winslet sporting one of the many hair colours she has in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.I adore this film, especially this scene where Kate is trapped in Jim Carrey's character's mind as his mother in the 70s (hard to explain; watch the film!) and she can't get over how amazing her dress is- this would totally be my reaction if I traveled back in time!

Kudos to Kelly for this attempt, though I fear its starting to verge dangerously close to old lady territory...

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Secret Garden Party

I'm back!Secret Garden Party was wonderful, if a little overcrowded; the four hour queue to get in was a bit much, and I was disappointed by the attendees total failure to stick to the 'leave no trace' policy. One artist I was very keen to see was Kirsty Almeida who performed a great set in the Crossroads tent. She was also filming a music video on site on the Friday evening which I imagine would have made a great backdrop. I really love the video for her debut single 'Spider'

The Hendrick's Gin Carriage of Curiosities was also on site, displaying its eclectic contents to intrigued festival goers. Rachel Rose Reid told some enchanting bedtime stories ; a lesser known and as yet unDisneyfied Hans Christian Anderson tale 'The Shadow' as well as a wonderful Scottish tale about the mermaid like Selkie people. I was lucky enough to be invited to dine on the carriage on the Saturday evening, where I was treated to exquisite food courtesy of Bompass and Parr, as well as wonderful literary company; more on this in a separate post coming soon!

Another highlight was Marina of 'Marina and the Diamonds'. I've been a fan of hers for a while now, she has a really unique voice; but I hadn't realised quite how stunning she is. This lady goes in and out in ALL the right places; total girl crush.

Rosa Bloom's boudoir was selling bustles, nipple tassles, feather headdresses and such like as Rosa herself modelled her collection to perfection.

After playing a festival in Holland followed by WOMAD, Gabby Young played a set at Secret Garden on Sunday evening. After all the travelling and gigs, she had almost lost her voice, but still put on a smashing show with the help of the 'other animals', especially Stephen Ellis who did a ruddy great Gabby impression. Gabby was wearing a really showstopping outfit by a designer I recently discovered, Kumiko Tani, who upcycles newspaper into stunning designs. Amelia's Magazine have featured Gabby in their review of the festival; including some really beautiful illustrations, have a look here.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Christina Coronel

I'm off to Secret Garden Party for a mini holiday with my boyfriend and my sister, so I'll be absent from the internet for a few days. I haven't been to SGP since the second year it was running, when there were still only 3,000 of us there.It was truly magical and probably my best festival experience in the UK to date.I'm trying to prepare myself for how much it's grown, and not end up being one of those people you always hear at festivals going' its not as good as the old days'..
I'm terribly excited about having dinner on board the Hendrick's Gin carriage on Saturday night, shopping at Rosa Bloom's boudoir, the HungaMunga tent and The Print Club London's screenprinting activities. The Art installations are set to be epic , which is good because I'm not going to Burning man this summer and need my fix of crazy arty fun.If you're going to the festival come and find me in the audience at Gabby Young's set on the Sunday!
Before I go I'm going to leave you with this video from an emerging artist who I've been following for a while now and whose work I really like; Christina Coronel. She's playing on Monday night at The Boogaloo in Highgate, so pop by if you're free.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Blisters Blackout Submissions Call

My good friends over at The Print Club London are now accepting submissions for their legendary annual print sale.40 illustrators, 40 hand pulled screenprinted editions, £40 each. There will be an all new glow in the dark element to the posters as the exhibition will experience 'Blackout' during the launch evening in December. More details on how to submit your work here, deadline is 30th September. You can see and buy some of the amazing prints stocked by the print club on their site. Having recently screenprinted posters with the team from Liberty, TPCL are the coolest screenprinty venue in London- I took the Run Riot team there for a team-building away day which you can read about here.

In my books one of the best things about the Blisters events has to be the epic venue that its held in. MC Motors is a little known warehouse in Dalston that looks like, well, Dalston from the outside, but inside its packed with amazing vintage fixtures and fittings that you'll recognise from glossy magazine photoshoots and lookbooks.Here are some behind the scenes pictures from a shoot I styled there at the last Blisters sale, with artists Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton. You can see the final pictures from the shoot here.

Supermarket Sarah at Tatty Devine

Last week I went to the launch of Supermarket Sarah's installation at Tatty Devine; you can read my piece on it for Amelia's Magazine here.One thing I forgot to include was a credit for the wonderful set designer Linnea Apelqvist who made the huge Supermarket Sarah letters. I am a MASSIVE fan of Sarah's, and really hope to be working with her this space!(There is actually a clue in the pic of her if you can spot it!)
Here I am with Alex of Alex Loves, who's wearing a fantastic Jasper Garvida dress from My Sugarland.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Blogger's Delight- a cheeky post

This is without a doubt the cheekiest post I have ever written. I went to a super bloggers' meetup last week, and wanted to tell you all about it, but am overcome with jealousy at the fancy things other blogs have done with their pics and stuff, so have decided to just link you straight to everyone else's pieces and have done with it.
So here are some of the bloggers who've written about our night out:
Alex Loves
Lira Leirner
Swell Vintage
Natasha Bailie
Mariana Moyano- Sketchbook Magazine
And the night was organised by the lovely Fiona from Save Our Shoes. So there you go.check out their blogs and the links they include to all the other smashing folk I met. Lazy?Me? *prepares to be ousted from blogging community*

Crafting goes BUST

On a sunny Saturday morning I found myself queuing to get into York Hall in Bethnal Green. There were bouncers on the door trying to keep pushers at bay, as people desperately tried to make it into the first 100 entrants who would receive goody bags. So where was I?An elite launch party?A London Fashion Week event?Some celeb filled after-party?Nope. I was queuing for a craft fair, ladies; the new word in cool. And not just any craft fair, this was Craftacular, the legendary event run by BUST magazine; the feminist publication for women 'with something to get off their chests'. Also present were the London Ladyfest team, pioneering the DIY movement and spinning some tunes for shoppers' delight.

The list of sellers and participants reads like an A-Z of who's who in the current crafting scene; from organisations like The Make Lounge running Fascinator making work-shops, to trendsetters Tatty Devine who invited you to colour in your own jewellery or stock up on supplies from their habberdashery. Eco- friendly fashionistas updated their wardrobes with upcycled, customised pieces by 'Dot your T's and Cross your I's' as well as recycled accessories from Uncommonly Beautiful. I fell in love with Lucie Ellen's badges and earrings cut from vintage ceramics; she wouldn't tell me how she does it without the china cracking; an insider secret apparently. As retail therapy goes, this is a bit of a double whammy; you feel good about your purchase but also about how it was made and where your moneys going. Buying these handmade pieces you can be confident there was no sweatshop involved, no products wasted and that you're actually supporting independent artists.

Chatting on twitter and shopping online is all well and good, but meeting up in real life definitely consolidates the community atmosphere amongst the crafters. I was thrilled to meet Gemma Correll, an artist whose 'Pugs not Drugs' products I've bought for many of my dog-mad friends, and Anna Popovich, who I've been working with via twitter. She's about to lend a dress to one of my clients, the flamboyant frontwoman of Gabby Young and Other Animals. Gabby and I have also set up our own craft collective called Gabberdashery, which featured in 'Lady Craft'; the zine created by the Ladyfest team and sold at Craftacular to raise funds for the LadyfestTen festival in November. (tried to scan the piece in but my scanner is bust)Its a not-for-profit event so they are always after volunteers; get involved by emailing You can subscribe to BUST here .

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