Monday, 31 January 2011

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration

I'm back!And as expected, half-dead. After an intense week of filming, I finally succumbed to a nasty cold, but not before I had the chance to attend some top-notch events on Friday afternoon.
First up was the launch of Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration at 123 Bethnal Green road. I've been writing for Amelia since *checks* er...2008 *feels old*. Not only has this allowed me to go to some wonderful events including London Fashion Week, but its also meant I've been able to form relationships with a number of incredibly talented illustrators. Amelia's Magazine has become a hub of creative activity, perfect for anyone looking to collaborate with other like-minded artists and creatives- something I've witnessed happen through the illustration competition for Gabby Young's poster campaign, and Beautiful Soul's wonderful illustrated video presentation of her collection by Zarina Liew. (Amelia was even wearing Beautiful Soul for the launch- such is the tiny world of fashion!)I did, in fact, write about Zarina's work in the first ever post I wrote for Amelia's back in 2008, so it was a pleasure to meet her again at the book launch, having only ever briefly met face-to-face at her market stall a few years ago. The absolute highlight of my evening was having Zarina draw me!Look!She's made me all thin and everything!I LOVE her!Sod photos, I want to be drawn ALWAYS.

Here is Zarina and Artist Andrea proudly holding the Compendium.

The Blogosphere was out in force- here's Carrie from WishWishWish

And the amazing spread by Lili Vanilli- the brownies were to die for.

Amelia Gregory in Beautiful Soul

Cate Sevilla of BitchBuzz fame and Courtney Blackman, the genius behind Forward PR in a lovely Jasper Garvida number.

A mountain of goody-bags, containing Pukka tea, Dr Hauschka products, Tatty Devine jewellery, moleskin notebook and more. But honestly, the highlight of the goody-bags for me had to be a back-issue of the original hard-copy Amelia's magazine, which I still miss. Packed with beautiful illustrations, I now have another print edition to add to my collection-one day these will be collectors' items! Just leafing through this 2008 edition gives you a clue as to Amelia's success. She's always had an amazing knack for spotting new talent, for knowing who is going to make an impact. The 2008 copy I got in my goody-bag includes interviews with the likes of Alessi's Ark, La Roux, The Cocknbullkid, People Tree, Little Shilpa, Fred Butler, Fifi Bijoux... I could go on. And now, here she is, spotting two massive trends and writing a book about them before the mainstream has a chance to catch up. In an age where everyone is a photographer, illustration is becoming a glamorous, artistic alternative to the standard snapshot. And ethical fashion design is a no-brainer- all the names in this book are set to be huge.And Amelia Gregory will definitely have played a bit part in that.
You can buy back issues of Amelia's magazine here. And the compendium here.

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Anonymous said...

What a great party. I must agree. Loved the moleskins and the Vodka O cocktails ( Amelia you rock.

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