Friday, 14 January 2011


Last week my friend Gabby Young emailed me a link to one of the Hit Records' videos featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt.Turns out, she knows me SO well. I ruddy love it. Its a small world, cos I actually had heard of HitRecords through an old school friend's animation work.His name is Wirrow and his work is amazing; see below. You can buy the book he made with Hitrecords here. If you want to watch a real swoony video- and this is a sentence I never thought I'd utter- watch the terms and conditions video for the site.Seriously. Lets just say, Joseph Gordon Levitt has really grown up.yums. I have a huge amount of respect for the whole project and its ethos; you basically upload your creative content onto the site and if Hitrecords find a way to make money from it, you'll get 50% of the profits.

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