Friday, 25 February 2011

Fred Butler

My final LFW post is up on Amelia's Magazine-all the people I papped, including the lovely Fred Butler. You can see an interview with Fred in her studio on Spine TV- I really love that she makes everything herself and doesn't want to expand her business to the point where she'd have to stop doing that. Making a telephone hat for Lady Gaga might go to most people's heads, but not Fred's.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Craig Lawrence A/W 2011

My Craig Lawrence Presentation review, live now on Amelia's Magazine.

Charlie le Mindu Autumn/Winter 2011

Charlie le Mindu now live on Amelia's . Ooh la la; the French-they are proper MAD, isn't it?Beautiful lace.Beautiful shoes. Not so sure about wearing clear PVC next to my birthday suit- surely this causes real sweat/stickage issues?Also not going to be donning a gas mark or dousing myself in fake blood anytime soon, but it was a fun show and I got to sit a couple of people away from Daphne Guinness who looked amazing. Just the other day someone was suggesting to me that she would make a great Vogue cover. Totally agree, though doubt they'd be brave enough which is a shame.
Oh, and if you're bored of my fashion posts, don't worry, I'm nearly through, but you should really bother to look at this one cos there's a ton of nudity.Male and female.Enjoy.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Temperley London Autumn/Winter 2011

Temperley London at The British Museum. Clothes that will make you WEEP. Read my review, see more photos and gorgeous illustrations from the likes of Gilly Rochester here on Amelia's Magazine. My piece was also named one of the best reviews of LFW Day Three by Catwalk Genius. Yay!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Prophetik Autumn/Winter 2011

Prophetik review- live now on Amelia's Magazine with beautiful illustrations by Ankolie. Lovely stuff inspired by the court of Louis XV.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Jasper Garvida Autumn/Winter 2011

Hello!I'm in LFW madness at the moment, so just a quickie to direct you over to Amelia's magazine where I'll be posting my coverage, along with fabulous illustrations by our team of talented artists.First up, Jasper Garvida. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sweet Treats

The lovely folk at CICO books recently sent me a copy of 'Sweet Treats to make, decorate and give' by Laura Tabor. Its full of amazing decorative ideas for cakes, biscuits and other confectionary.Its jewellery-themed, so most of the recipes are inspired by necklaces, cameos, pearls and so forth.The best bit though, I think, is the section 'Gentlemen adorned' aimed at sweet treats for the bloke in your life. I really meant to do this post before Valentine's Day, so that if you felt so inclined, you could run off and either buy this book for your other half, or make things from it for them.It gives a thorough introduction on how to make all sorts of icings, gold dusting techniques, filling chocolate moulds and all other necessary procedures.I wouldn't recommend it for a novice, though there is a 'fun for children' section with easier projects.

Sweet Treats to Make, Decorate and Give by Laura Tabor, photography by Stuart West, published by CICO Books

Laura Tabor actually studied jewellery design at Central St Martins, and created her own range of jewellery called 'Sweet'. A move to a home with an amazing kitchen led to her combining her jewellery skills with her love of food-what more could a girl want?!
As I mentioned before though, the more masculine ideas were what impressed me the most- for whilst men undoubtedly appreciate a delicious cupcake, I often get the impression that they like to stuff it all in their mouths before anyone catches them holding something pastel pink. Next Valentine's Day- or much more romantically, any regular day, surprise the boys with one of these ideas. Fathers/sons/brothers/milkmen etc will similarly love.

Monocle Cookies

Fondant stamps- for those as fond of stationery as I am!

Peanut butter moustache pops

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Giveaway

Well, its Valentine's Day, which we all know is pretty hateful, so to make it better I am doing a wee giveaway!

First up, these sexy cherry earrings from Creme Nouveau. They remind me of the fantastic Jeanette Winterson novel, Sexing the Cherry.

Next- the finest screen printed envelopes by Alice Gabb- perfect for sending love letters to your Valentine. Or you know, a thank-you letter to someone posh. That sort of thing.

And finally...drumroll... a pair of tickets to Secret Cinema on the 23rd February! I have been working with the SC team, so whilst I'm sworn to secrecy, I can assure you they are showing a classic film in a stunning location, complete with interactive installations and experiences. 
To enter, just leave a comment saying which prize you'd like to win, or tweet me @katieantoniou with #londonplinth

I'll leave you with a teaser from one of my favourite bands, The Palpitations, who are releasing their new single Milk It today. Go buy!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fairytales for Fabric of my Life

I was thrilled to be asked to guestblog for Fabric of my Life whilst its author, Kate is away on holiday. You can read my contribution here.

Friday, 4 February 2011


The last one of these sales I went to was epic. I got luxury PJs for myself, all my family, sheepskin boots for a friend's newborn baby and an angora cardigown all for £40.Unmissable.
Sale is on Thursday 10 February (8am – 7pm) at 8-10 Ingate Place, London SW8 3NS

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Free People

Once in a while I come across something so brilliant that I have to write a blog post about it straight away.About 15 minutes ago I discovered the brand Free People on twitter.I have spent the last 15 minutes drooling over their website-which does ship to the UK!Hurrah!I realise it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it completely indulges my inner hippie and is how I would like to dress all the time if I had the right body and lived in the right climate. It's also fairly reasonably priced- the sale stuff is brilliant- the slip below is reduced to £31.06 - they do convert to UK pounds on the site which I find very useful.

Lots of the pieces are very vintage-inspired, like this Parisian bouquet halter dress, £79.60.

They give you ideas on how to wear trends like layering and they even have a vintage section also sorted by trends or themes- indulge your inner Black Swan in their vintage prima-ballerina section- this vintage net skirt is the stuff my dreams are made of.
And wait for it- they also do amazing shoes!These 'Bed of Roses' platforms are now top of my summer wishlist:

Maybe everyone else knew about this brand and I'll now look really daft, as if I'd written a blog post entitled 'Vogue;'tis this well nice magazine I've discovered, about fashion and stuff'.
If you HAVE bought from them I'd love to hear about your experience, how their sizes turn out, quality of vintage pieces etc so please do let me know!
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