Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Charlie le Mindu Autumn/Winter 2011

Charlie le Mindu now live on Amelia's . Ooh la la; the French-they are proper MAD, isn't it?Beautiful lace.Beautiful shoes. Not so sure about wearing clear PVC next to my birthday suit- surely this causes real sweat/stickage issues?Also not going to be donning a gas mark or dousing myself in fake blood anytime soon, but it was a fun show and I got to sit a couple of people away from Daphne Guinness who looked amazing. Just the other day someone was suggesting to me that she would make a great Vogue cover. Totally agree, though doubt they'd be brave enough which is a shame.
Oh, and if you're bored of my fashion posts, don't worry, I'm nearly through, but you should really bother to look at this one cos there's a ton of nudity.Male and female.Enjoy.

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