Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bloggers for Japan sale and silent auction at The Horatia

After disaster struck Japan,I really wanted to do something to help, but as usual have no spare cash at all. What I DO have spare is a lot of bags, beauty products, clothes that don't fit me anymore, some handmade goodies and general clutter that might be someone else's idea of a good thing. So I decided to sell it all off and send the proceeds to Japan. Given that my boyfriend has already had to instigate a one in, one out policy on new bags anyway due to the restrictions of living in a tiny flat, he was thrilled. I figured that some other bloggers might also have stuff they could part with, so I got in touch with them and gradually the word began to spread. Author friends of mine starting offering signed copies of their books, crafters offered handmade jewellery, artists sent signed one-of-a-kind works of arts, and by the time designers and beauty companies were donating stuff worth hundreds of pounds, I realised the event had evolved into something different. So now, as well as being a jumble saley sort of thing with a few of us bloggers selling our second hand stuff (though a lot of this second hand stuff is often unused samples we've been sent)for a few quid each, there will now also be a silent auction. For those of you who haven't bid in a silent auction before, its basically just like ebay- there'll be a sheet next to each item and you write your name, number and the most you'd pay for the item on it. Highest wins!Simples!The Horatia have kindly let us use their lovely pub, from 1-5pm on 26th March, please, please come along and do repost this on your blog,facebook, twitter or just tell your friends.Huge, huge thanks to Jo Gifford who's helping me and has already secured a number of brilliant donations from her beauty company clients, also to Tinsel Edwards for designing the lovely flyer at such short notice, also to all the bloggers who've already posted this on their blogs, and of course to everyone who's donated something-THANKYOU!Please RSVP on facebook too.

Here are just a few of the highlights of the silent auction-more still coming in every day. Latest is a donation by the amazing designer Elizabeth Lau- I predict some fierce bidding!

A creative make-up course at the Illamasqua school of make-up for 4 friends, each receiving a two hour course as well as £25 worth of products each.

Upcycle your shoedrobe voucher from I CAN make shoes

Vouchers for classes at The Make Lounge

Signed copy of Songs of Blood and Sword by Fatima Bhutto

Signed, one-of-a-kind artwork by Nikki Pinder

Artwork by Little Doodles

Signed and sketched Goddess Guide books by Gisele Scanlon

Signed copy of Spooning with Rosie by Brixton domestic goddess  and deli owner Rosie Lovell

Signed copy of the Bake-a-Boo bakery cookbook by Zoe Berkeley

Signed copy of MUST READ book Green is the New Black by Telegraph journalist Tamsin Blanchard

Jewellery from The Vamoose

Liberty print crafts from Teasemade, including the necklace pictured above

Necklace from Clare Hynes, whose work has been featured in Irish Tatler

Stationery from Present and Correct

The fabulous Miss Cakehead is even donating the Japan apron and bunting made for her by Nursey Bang Bang for the Cakes for Japan event which took place on Friday- I got there at 3pm to find they had already completely sold out!!!Fingers crossed for similar success..

On top of that we've got a vintage styling session from Lena Weber, founder of The Vintage Guide to London, vintage dresses, original illustrations from the likes of Faye West ( whose collaboration with designer label Beautiful Soul has just been featured on!), more beauty goodies from LUSH, Jergens and Avon, just too much to list everything here!Please come along and spend some money on that perfect Mothers' Day gift, a birthday present or just a treat for yourself.

The event has been featured on lots of blogs, including Disney Roller Girl's, and also on sites like Le Cool and Stylist Magazine. Please keep reposting to spread the word!

My friend Gabby Young who very recently enjoyed a fabulous leg of her world tour in Japan where she was welcomed so warmly, has launched the Song for Japan campaign, so please, if you have a decent set of pipes on you- please get involved!


Anonymous said...

such a great idea. have posted on my blog and invited friends via facebook to help spread the word!

Rhessa said...

It's really sad that Japan had to experience that tragedy...

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