Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Green Guide to Country Crafts

A while ago I mentioned a haberdashery Id' read about in Oh Comely magazine called Halfpenny Home. Nicola Gouldsmith and Jacqueline Mann run the art and craft emporium in Suffolk, and Nicola subsequently contacted me to let me know they were releasing a book about their hobbies. The Green Guide to Country Crafts features 35 projects such as soap-making-including how to make those great shampoo bars which are perfect for travelling given the liquid restrictions on flights. Upholster your deckchair, make a denim windbreaker for the beach or a patchwork beanbag.

One of my favourite ideas were these fir-cone firelighters; artificial firelighters smell so horribly chemical, but it can be hard to get a fireplace roaring without them. These smell of Christmas and look pretty too.

Most of the projects are not only environmentally friendly, but also budget friendly- making bunting out of old shirts is easy and cheap, but really brightens up a garden or even the bathroom or a flight of stairs.
More complicated projects show you how to use all-natural dyes, as used for clothes on the catwalk at Prophetik's show at London Fashion Week.

Images From A Green Guide to Country Crafts by Nicola Gouldsmith and Jacqueline Mann, photography by Gavin Kingcome. 

You can win a copy of The Green Guide to Country Crafts (in time for Mothers' Day!) just tell about the most successful thing you've ever made? Success doesn't have to be measured by use or aesthetics, it can be the time you had the most fun trying to make something, even if it didn't work out quite as planned!Post your comment here and I'll pick a winner tomorrow so I can post it to you in time for Mothers' Day in case you want to gift it.Keep up to date on the Halfpenny Home blog here. If you don't win you can buy the book here.


Tracy Ranger said...

I felted by mistake an escarda twin set which I was gutted about and couldn't bear to throw them away - so I just made into a pair of cushions covers instead!

Cybèle said...

I made a crochet heart garland for my niece's first birthday earlier this year with her name in crochet letters on it, and was really pleased with that. I'm very much a person who follows patterns and is a bit apprehensive about thinking up things for myself, but when I do (very rarely!) they often turn out to be a success.

kushlacat said...

I spent my teenage years sitting in my bedroom making a patchwork quilt and watching 70s telly. I still have it hanging over my chair!

Whimsically Random said...

oh my gosh i made a snowman at school by knitting spools and spools of wool, stuffing it tying it round the middle then i stuck on button eyes and mouth and made it headphones, hilarious!! Turned out rather cute!

Memories lol!

Maighread said...

I made jam, plum jam last August. I picked the fruit from my friend Malachy's plum tree. We'd sat in his back garden all evening chatting, drinking wine & having the odd cheeky cig (I'm a week off them). The whole process made me smile. I made more plum jam last weekend with fruit bought from a market, it's good but I didn't smile as much this time.

Plinth said...

Thanks for all your comments-made me laugh!Maighread has won but thee are no contact details here-I'm going to try and find you on twitter!otherwise email me

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