Thursday, 24 March 2011

Recollection: New Fashion with Old Soul

Recollection is another range of vintage inspired pieces that really works; I'm loving the prints and the cuts by Sandra Murphy. 
'A Recollection piece is that item of clothing you always dreamed about seeing when you walk into a vintage store - something straight out of another time but in perfect condition and a perfect fit. This is a collection for anyone who's ever flirted with vintage fashion, from die-hard '50s revivalists to casual vintage shoppers to vintage virgins'
What more could we ask for? This purple dress is on my birthday wishlist.

P.S Really hoping to see lots of you at the Bloggers Sale for Japan on Saturday-see previous post for more details.


Katie - Coco Målé said...

Hi Katie, i just came across your blog via domestic sluttery so thought I'd pop in and say hi! I love the header!!!

Rhessa said...

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