Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Red Shoes at Secret Cinema

It seems that all my posts are about films at the moment-its not a conscious decision!Just lots of lovely innovative screenings going on, here's a quick round up of the latest Secret Cinema.
Whereas Secret Cinema has previously popped up and disappeared in the blink of an eye, the most recent run lasted for two weeks, giving more of the public a chance to get in on the secret. The longer run also meant that they could really go to town on converting the space they were using into a replica of the mystery film's set. So the Tobacco dock old abandoned shopping centre in Wapping was turned into 1940s Covent Garden- complete with real florists, jewellers, cake sellers, stationers and vintage installations. Upstairs was the 'backstage' area- with the cast of The Red Shoes flitting around en pointe in stunning vintage costumes. You couldn't ask for a better event to flaunt the new 'ballet trend' everyone is sporting post- Black Swan. You could even have your own hair and make-up done, 1940s style, and then pose for a black and white polaroid photograph.

Food and drink flowed-from hog roasts to fish and chips, cupcakes to popcorn. Upstairs you could work off the calories in an impromptu ballet class or singing audition, whilst observing the numerous live art installations- a clockwork lady in the sit-down restaurant was one of the highlights. Sign up to Secret Cinema now to start receiving clues about the April screening; I can only imagine what wonders they'll come up with this time..

Reworked vintage jewellery from Swell Vintage

Old fashioned stationery by Alice Gabb

Film footage and real dancers line the walls of the abandoned shopping centre in Wapping

One of the vintage costumes in the 'backstage' area- including rehersal rooms and hair and make-up department.


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Aww shucks! Thanks for the mention lovely x

Ressy said...

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