Monday, 4 April 2011

Arabella Ramsay

Here's a wonderful Australian label I've recently discovered, by designer Arabella Ramsay. I'm a huge fan of prints, and she has some amazing designs, from floral patterns to animal illustrations. The Alice collection is really bravely styled with these unique prints teamed alongside classic polka-dots, fair-isle knits and other traditional looks.

The result has a vintage feel but also a fresh, youthful look. In her store in Armadale she also has a vintage collection for sale from the 1800s and 1900s- think Picnic at Hanging Rock. Her collection 'this side of the blue' also reflects the vintage feel with this gorgeous lace frock:

Picnic at Hanging Rock

This blue dress is also part of the collection.I love the styling with the chunky shoes!I just hope someone stocks her collection in the UK soon..

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Rosanna Audrey said...

Arabella Ramsay will be stocked throughout the UK very shortly. For any further details you are welcome to contact me at, as I will be the Arabella Ramsay UK representative.

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