Saturday, 16 April 2011

Craft and Crown

Initially, I felt entirely indifferent about the whole royal wedding shebang; I was intrigued to see the dress of course, but otherwise I was pretty detached. But then, in some kind of silent national pact, the craft scene decided to embrace the event and use it as an excuse to celebrate and sometimes laugh at everything traditionally British. As a result I have totally got on board with the whole hype, as have a bunch of crafters who got together under the careful curation of UK Craft's godmother Perri Lewis for Craft and Crown at The Hospital club today. A feast fit for a king was laid out, featuring pork pies, giant scotch eggs, Victoria Sponge and other terribly British indulgences.(Still on stupid diet; I deserve a ruddy medal for sticking to it today) Second only to the craft community has been the foodie crowd's response to the royal wedding, using it as a good excuse for some right royal scoffing.; I'm indescribably excited about Miss Cakehead's forthcoming 'Will and Cake' event.

The first stall I perused was that of 'Me old China', where you could buy genuine vintage photographs and memorabilia from other royal weddings, as well as royal teacups turned into candles.

Lost and found Design had a huge array of Union Jack cushions; check their site for more brilliant vintage and bespoke pieces-the deckchairs are a must for anyone having a street party.

I love Naomi Ryder's embroidery on this 'London' curtain- this would look amazing on any window with a great London view.

Cassie and Rachel of Guts for Garters

Cassie and Rachel of Guts for Garters had somehow transported their precious vintage props, wardrobe and royal-themed artwork and accessories to The Hospital, and looked fabulous as ever.You can read about the launch of Guts for Garters here.

It was great to finally meet Nursey Bang Bang who donated a hand-sewn apron to the Bloggers for Japan fundraiser I held. She'd originally made it for Miss Cakehead's Cakes for Japan event- its such a small world in Craftville! You can see the fabulous Bloom Looms that were being demonstrated today in a special video :

My new talent discovery of the day was Ali Miller. Creating china and textiles often inspired by William Morris and other vintage influences, many of her pieces are one-of-a-kind. My photo doesn't do her work justice at all, so please have a look on her site here.

Commemorative plate from The House that Lars Built

There was more eye-catching crockery from The House that Lars built- I think this commemorative plate is really beautiful and would look fabulous displayed on a wall or dresser.There are mugs available too.

And to end on a foodie note, here's the wonderful Royal Wedding Breakfast menu tea-towel by Mr-PS.
How will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding?Or will you be giving it a miss?

I really don't feel the need to do another whole post dedicated to Royal Wedding merchandise,but just came across this Rob Ryan beauty which I had to include somewhere, so here it is!


Miss B. said...

Thank you so much for featuring our products (The House That Lars Built) and thanks for taking pictures of the event as I could not attend myself.

looked wonderful!

Nursey Bang Bang presents said...

Great to meet you at last. love Nursey

Vicky said...

I absolutly love the royal wedding memorabilia and this post was amazing!!

Lucy said...

WOWWW!! so cool I totes wish i had been there!
haha im totally the smae as you - i was disgruntled and moaned like an old man that everyone was getting worked up about it but actually now I can't wait .. or maybe its cos my birthday party is that day haha I would have rather liked to embroider some things myself!

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