Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wedding Belles

Everyone's gone Wedding GaGa what with both the Kates off down the aisle and Vogue's matrimonial covers. Coincidentally, I recently discovered Maria Lucia Hohan whose work is mostly bridal, but so brilliantly fresh and original that she has now branched out into 'luxurywear' too.

Another wedding brand I was introduced to by Kate (Fabric of my Life) is BHLDN- it has the best bridesmaid dresses I've ever seen-none too 'bridesmaidy', you'd definitely be able to wear them again. Even the bridal gowns are really unique, and they have some beautiful cover-ups too.All very vintage-inspired.

They also have an adorable section of the site dedicated to inspiration from the past, with lots of priceless vintage photographs of weddings throughout the decades, like this gorgeous snap below. Will you be watching the Royal wedding?Or do you not give a toss?

I'm extremely excited about the current Alice Temperley wedding dress rumours for Kate Middleton, partly because I love Temperley, but partly also because she's the first person I thought of and suggested when the pair got engaged, so it would mean I get to have been right about something which is always ace!


Siany said...

Really love the first one.

Akeela said...

Especially love the dresses by Maria Lucia Hohan!

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