Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Here are some lovely vintage Easter images from one of my favourite Tumblrs; MothgirlWings. I'm off to a school friend's wedding in Harrogate this weekend, so having a few proper 'offline' days.

 I also finish the really strict part of my diet on Friday, so I'm looking forward to indulging a bit in post-wedding party brunch on Easter Sunday, as well as a Lindt bunny or two. If you're up for indulging, these are my recommendations for the coming weeks:

Foodie kings, Bompass and Parr pay tribute to Willie Wonka with a 50 tonne chocolate waterfall, 22nd-25th April.

On the 24th itself, if you don't fancy cooking your own meal, head to Ms MarmiteLover's for brunch and an Easter Egg hunt.

See royal wedding cakes from William the Conqueror to this day at the Tate&Lyle exhibition, 22-25th April at the Wellington Arch in Hyde Park.

And if looking at all those cakes makes you peckish, head to Maiden for Miss Cakehead's Will&Cake one day pop-up shop celebrating the Royal Wedding, tongue firmly in cheek.But get there quick, her last cake fest sold out in 3 hours!

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