Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

My mum Meriel with her (from top left clockwise): cake, dad&donkey,brother,mum.

In the most fetching of swimming caps.

A life long love affair with Laura Ashley begins

We play mother and daughter in a production of Shakespeare's Pericles Prince of Tyre in an amphitheatre in Cyprus.

Mummy and one day old Florrie, my youngest sister.Other siblings are Jack and Sophia.

At my graduation

Sophia, mummy and me at a gallery opening in London last year.

She won't read this because she hates the internet with a passion, but thankyou mummy for being such a great mum and friend for all these years xxx


Nicola said...

How lovely! I've just had the second mother's day in a decade with my lovely and super crafty ma! It started with a genteel intro to the day - a bunch of welsh onions instead of flowers and a glass of pinot in a vintage glass and ended in an empty wine bottle littered table and us googling Japan and Mick Karn clips on everyones mum like this? I love her loads x

Fashion Compendium said...

so sweet :)

@pocketguidesoph said...

That's so lovely. You must make sure she tries the internet at least once, just to see the pics.

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