Sunday, 3 April 2011

In the Company of Wolves

As a massive fan of fairytales, I have always been intrigued by the Little Red Riding Hood story, particularly after reading Angela Carter's incredibly thought-provoking short story.The underlying messages are about a girl becoming a woman (red cape is supposedly a symbol of menstruation)and being warned to 'stay on the path' (no sex outside marriage) and the dangers of wolves(men/sexual lust). Carter's retelling of the tale was made into a ground breaking film 'Company of Wolves' which, whilst the special effects are rather dated, is still a brilliant watch.

And one of my favourite films of all time is the French classic 'Brotherhood of the Wolf'. I can't praise this film enough- it has everything. Its a romantic, period-drama, action-movie mystery.For real. It stars a load of total hotties.FRENCH hotties.And Monica Bellucci as an incredible, kick-ass, undercover, Italian, high-class hooker. Seriously, its the best movie ever. Trailer is horribly 'Hollywood', but watch the original with subtitles NOT dubbed and you'll see how amazing it is.

I even love the Little Red Riding Hood chanel advert starring Estella Warren, suitably sexy and creepy

Which is why I'm slightly concerned about the new Red Riding Hood venture...the trailer is pretty 'Twilight'; and not in a good way (I did actually enjoy the first movie, thought the sexual tension was epic and the super low budget the film was made on was very impressive- but I stopped watching after the travesty that was Eclipse). But then Gary Oldman is in it- so there's still hope. Fingers crossed.

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The Dandelion Chronicles said...

yeah, Gary usually pulls it off and make a mediocre movie good. Hopefully this time too.. I'm still not sure though whether to see it in theatre or wait 'till release on dvds.

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