Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Shoot by Felicity Lynch photos by James Hooker

If evidence was needed that my biological clock is ticking away, I guess this post is it. I turned 27 yesterday and am broodier than ever. So here it is, a post about babies, or rather Babiekins Magazine and this wonderful shoot thats in issue Five. Honestly its enough to make you want a little person just to dress them up in all the amazing outfits. The collar the little girl is wearing in these pics is by the super talented Amy Phipps who runs a number of craft classes, teaching everything from embroidery to crochet at Just Sew in Brighton.

So many of my friends are creating wonderful fashion pieces of their own, its really inspiring me to get designing. Natasha Bailie has made a beautiful vintage-inspired dress in gorgeous floral prints and Lena Weber has designed a range of retro blouses; this  1930s one is my favourite and there's 20% off at the moment!

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Kelly-marie said...

SO adorable!!!! :) x

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