Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Charm School at West Lexham

A couple of posts ago I mentioned some of the festivals I was looking forward to this summer, explaining that my favourites are those that keep it small and intimate rather than the giants like Glastonbury. The problem with a huge festival like Glasto is that it doesn't feel all that much like a holiday.Its so vast that you have to either be really organised and punctual if you're going to manage to meet up with friends, or you're constantly on your phone, battling for reception and queuing up to recharge your battery.This year Orange have even brought out these special wellies which use the heat from your feet to recharge your phone!Evidently no-one from the development team have ever been to Glastonbury on a muddy year, as anyone putting something like a phone below knee level may as well just chuck it in a portaloo!

My point is that when I go away for a break I like to relax-stop tweeting, stop checking my emails and preferably turn off my phone altogether.Because let's face it, if you have your phone with you, even if its meant to be just for finding your friends, the temptation to check your inbox is always huge, and then when you do spot a work-related email, it can ruin your weekend.

Last year I co-curated a pop-up called The Parlour with Dana Gornitzki, editor of Mien Magazine, a site dedicated to old fashioned culture, style and the way we live now. The Parlour was a phone and laptop free zone where we encouraged activities like parlour games and letter writing, all served with a helping of cream tea and conversation. We loved how people visited to actually spend time chatting to each other in person, playing a game of scrabble or just reading the Sunday papers in each others' company.
Dana has now developed the idea further with a Charm School getaway- a weekend away from the stress of urban life, dedicated to more old fashioned pursuits that will make you a happier person and more importantly, a more charming person to be around.

 Hosted at the beautiful West Lexham estate, this is exactly the sort of vacation I'm craving- a river runs through the grounds for messing about in boats and we'll even be given some gardening and topiary tips.Other pursuits will include letter writing, deportment sessions and general etiquette coaching from hostess Dana and her special guests.

My mum and my grandfather on holiday at the beach. Simple outdoors fun!

You can book your tickets here . Details here of how you can win two nights in a cosy nook at West Lexham and two people attend the Charm School for one course fee.

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