Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer Loving

Last summer I wrote a blog post about some of my summer wardrobe style icons, from Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty, to Frida Kahlo, to Alabama in True Romance. Here's another selection of favourites.

Marion in Raiders of the lost Ark.What a film.Why don't they don't make them like that anymore?The beautiful white taffeta dress she ruins in the desert is one of my all time favourites; the polka dot ruffles, the plunging back and rosette bustle?That Nazi-loving archaeologist had great taste in frocks. I flinch everytime I watch the bit where Indiana tears the bottom off.I'd have kicked him in the face and gone back to the dude who bought her the dress.The silk slip she wears towards the end is a stunner too.

Next up two of the best blondes, Brigitte and Marilyn.

And now for the best bit-I've discovered an amazing Etsy store that will recreate these Marilyn dresses to your exact measurements. Even the bikini below.Genius. Get your own Monroe wardrobe from Dainty Rascal.

And if you want to work the floral print trend this summer, go for one of these beautiful 1950s style dresses from Natasha Bailie; this is the Betty for Mad Men fans!Natasha also sells original vintage dresses here.

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