Tuesday, 7 June 2011

WilliamVintage for Browns

Supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler wearing 1959 Dior Couture from WilliamVintage

As an avid vintage wearer, it's been very interesting to see the gradual rise of vintage fashion in the mainstream. Whilst it could initially be mistaken for another passing trend, accredited to the influence of TV shows like Mad Men, it's now beginning to be acknowledged as an integral part of any women's wardrobe, and a red carpet staple. 
Finally the glamour and timeless style of vintage is starting to be associated with glossy editorials and black tie events again rather than charity shops and old ladies. William Banks-Blaney, founder of WilliamVintage, recently dressed Gillian Anderson for the BAFTAS, and here is Jacquetta Wheeler wearing one of his 1950s Dior pieces in 'Playing Fashion Russia'. 
And as vintage takes its rightful place alongside the best contemporary designers at red carpet awards shows, so it also does in store at iconic British shop Browns, where WilliamVintage will be stocked from Friday 10th June.
William says,

"I have always been inspired by Browns' exacting sense of fashion and editing so I am thrilled that WilliamVintage has been invited within their stores. WilliamVintage in Browns will be vintage clothing at its best - relevant, timeless, inherently modern and in many cases, the early works of the great fashion icons of the 20th century."

William's stock includes vintage Balenciaga, Balmain, Cardin, Courreges, Ossie Clark, Desses, Dior, Lanvin, Madame Gres and many others. If only I had an event to go that was worthy of one of these frocks!A girl can dream.

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