Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cakey Perry

Its been a busy, busy week for me so apologies for being quiet on the blogging front- I've just become editor of Run-Riot, so I've been posting a fair bit of work over there-you can see my write up of Miss Cakehead's Cakey Perry over there as well as more pics-though they don't do justice to the incredible decor and delicacies.
You can also catch a mini-interview I did with Shingai from the Noisettes before their support slot for Mark Ronson at what became an Amy Winehouse tribute gig at Greenwich Summer Sessions.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Today I visited Hyper Japan 2011. Felicity of Now Voyager was there selling her amazing headpieces and hairclips- Gabby Young is a huge fan,as am I.Gabby-and her look-are quite big in Japan, but apparently the Hyper Japan organisers weren't prepared for quite how big Japan is here, as yesterday there were 3 hour queues just to get in!

Guests at Hyper Japan

Food with all the best packaging!

Sushi making lessons

More guests

Origami workshops

A Photographic exhibition in memory of Tsunami victims

Video game consuls

I arrived in time to watch the finals of the UK Kawaii star competition. Kawaii means 'cute' in Japanese and epitomises much of the classic Lolita-esque look. 5 finalists had been chosen and came on stage in a range of costumes, performing dances and songs for the judges-the prize was a trip to Japan which is pretty amazing, especially since most of the contestants were only in their mid-teens.

The results are now in and the winner was Scarlett Young who had the most amazing singing voice; she sang in Japanese and the judges said that her pronunciation was perfect, even though she'd only learnt it from listening to Japanese pop-and she's only 16!

 Scarlett in the final round.

There were lots of people-from all ethnic backgrounds- dressed up in everything from Lolita outfits, to traditional Japanese dress, to Cosplay costumes. I really loved the whole experience, though I think there was probably room for a few more high end designers like Arisa Fukumoto whose tulle creations were incredible, though obviously much more mainstream than most of the looks being worn. I love the Kawaii look but definitely could never pull it off myself, so I'd like to see some more, less niche Japanese fashion represented too.I guess this will happen as the event grows, which I'm sure is inevitable as obviously there's a huge fanbase in the UK.

Arisa's stall

Photograph by Dominic Clarke

Photograph Miss Aniela

photograph by Dominic Clarke

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Not another Bill

If you're familiar with my blog and other sites I write for like Mien Magazine, you'll know that I'm a little post-obsessed. I'm a complete stationery fiend (my favourite is Alice Gabb, part of our Gabberdashery collective) and love writing and receiving real life mail. So when I read about Not Another Bill, a site that sends you a surprise present through the post, I thought it was a brilliant antidote to the email age. I've also come to the conclusion that its an absolutely ideal present to buy for someone who already has everything they need, or if you don't have time to trawl through all the brilliant independent online shops or rummage through markets yourself.Basically, thats what Not another Bill founder Ned does for you, as well as handling all the taking-to-the-post-office stuff.

Ned told me a bit about how he came up with the idea:
Ned: I
 came up with the concept late last year after my good friend Martin kept winging he never received any post at a shopaholic I had presents arriving from all over the place; ebay, amazon, asos etc. This made him very jealous and the idea sort of stemmed from there. And I started work on the site early this year' I love shopping and collecting things so some months its just things I've found in markets and fairs.
My background has always been in art and creative industries.I went to Central st Martins and since then have been working as an art director at M&C SAATCHI. My job there is to come up with concepts and ideas for adverts and posters, so with this background (mother an artist, sister in fashion blogging as well) I have built up a black book of companies, designers, artists, illustrators and general stuff that I think is cool.
Often so much stuff you buy from present sites is a bit generic-my thought was to bridge the gap between the vast amount of fresh creative talent and the commercial world.
In the process giving subscribers something really cool, whilst promoting the artist or brand in the process.I only send things I really like, so people are kind of relying on my taste, but I like that sense of curation.
I have some really exciting gifts in the pipeline, some very well established artists and a couple of amazing brands.

Gifts pictured from Present and Correct- who have a lovely new website too.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Atelier Mayer: The Magazine

One of my first jobs in vintage fashion-and my very first job after going freelance- was writing profiles for the Atelier Mayer website designer directory. I got to see some amazing pieces that founder Carmen Haid had in stock- from original, previously unseen Ossie Clarke samples to bespoke dresses handmade by her grandmother who was an atelier in Austria in the early 20th century.Since then she's been dressing stars like Emma Watson for the red carpet, and has now produced the first volume of Atelier Mayer, the magazine.

Its a beautiful publication; perfect for coffee tables of vintage lovers everywhere.Inside you'll find everything from editorial shoots with Bip Ling, to articles on vintage fashion illustrations and behind the scenes shots of the Atelier Mayer team.

Here's an image from one of the editorial shoots featuring the custom made trunk installed in the Berkeley Hotel, filled with Atelier Mayer goodies like vintage clutch bags, costume jewellery,gloves and hats.

One of my favourite articles is an interview with Cliff Muskiet and Mike Stenitschka about their private collection of vintage airline uniforms.Some of the 60s outfits look like something straight out of a James Bond movie-great little skirt and jacket combos in bright colours.
You can order volume1 now here. 

Monday, 11 July 2011

Paper Dress Collection Catwalk Launch

Paper Dress is one of the landmark vintage shops of East London, putting on great musical events as well as serving a mean cuppa. They've also now designed their own range of vintage-inspired pieces, soon available to order on their site. There've been a lot of 'vintage inspired' collections recently, only some of which have really worked-I haven't seen this range in the flesh yet, so can't guarantee quality and so forth, but I do think they seem to capture the eras perfectly.It helps that they are constructed with genuine vintage fabrics and trimmings using traditional techniques. Pictures by Tony Hutchings.

Rose: 50's inspired strapless, sheering back, print sun dress.

Elizabeth: Floaty 60's inspired scallop waist detail skirt

Sandy: 60's inspired floral baby doll mini dress

Grace: 40's inspired, structured cropped bolero

The launch event for the collection is on the 11th August, with two catwalk shows at 7.30pm and 9pm, with live music and DJs. Paper Dress is located at 114-116 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AH.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Marcus Lupfer Resort 2012

A ruddy genius film from Markus Lupfer, featuring the talents of Margo Stilley, Sadie Frost, Florence Welch and more. Its a brilliant piss-take of old science documentaries-more and more fashion labels are resorting to film to promote collections, I only hope some of them follow Markus' lead and add some humour.The fashion world spends far too much time taking itself too seriously; something like this is a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

London Retro

Last night I went along to the launch of a new glasses label- London Retro.Years of spending too much time looking at a computer screen has left me pretty short sighted, so I wear glasses at home when I'm working, but generally wear contacts when I'm out and about.This is largely because I don't really like how I look in my glasses, and I certainly don't feel very 'fashion' in them. So I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of this new brand whose look is a brilliant mix of vintage inspiration and modern quirkiness- which is why the names of the frames are so appropriate- styles like Shoreditch, Fitzrovia and Soho are inspired by the characteristic looks of different parts of London. We were very generously gifted with a pair by London Retro- I don't often post pictures of myself here but I promise to do so as soon as I receive my pair of glasses as I actually really love how they look, whereas I hated having my picture taken in my old pair. You can order London Retro glasses through Glasses Direct, who are currently doing a 2 for 1 deal which means you can get two gorgeous pairs of glasses for less than the price of one from somewhere on the highstreet. I've been buying my glasses online for years now as the main high street glasses stores are such a rip off.

This picture is of me, Gabby Young (in the Chinese hat), Lizzy(blonde) of ScientistChic and Frankie(in the flatcap) from Swell Vintage in the photobooth at the launch.Below are the pairs I've ordered- Soho and Fitzrovia.

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