Sunday, 24 July 2011


Today I visited Hyper Japan 2011. Felicity of Now Voyager was there selling her amazing headpieces and hairclips- Gabby Young is a huge fan,as am I.Gabby-and her look-are quite big in Japan, but apparently the Hyper Japan organisers weren't prepared for quite how big Japan is here, as yesterday there were 3 hour queues just to get in!

Guests at Hyper Japan

Food with all the best packaging!

Sushi making lessons

More guests

Origami workshops

A Photographic exhibition in memory of Tsunami victims

Video game consuls

I arrived in time to watch the finals of the UK Kawaii star competition. Kawaii means 'cute' in Japanese and epitomises much of the classic Lolita-esque look. 5 finalists had been chosen and came on stage in a range of costumes, performing dances and songs for the judges-the prize was a trip to Japan which is pretty amazing, especially since most of the contestants were only in their mid-teens.

The results are now in and the winner was Scarlett Young who had the most amazing singing voice; she sang in Japanese and the judges said that her pronunciation was perfect, even though she'd only learnt it from listening to Japanese pop-and she's only 16!

 Scarlett in the final round.

There were lots of people-from all ethnic backgrounds- dressed up in everything from Lolita outfits, to traditional Japanese dress, to Cosplay costumes. I really loved the whole experience, though I think there was probably room for a few more high end designers like Arisa Fukumoto whose tulle creations were incredible, though obviously much more mainstream than most of the looks being worn. I love the Kawaii look but definitely could never pull it off myself, so I'd like to see some more, less niche Japanese fashion represented too.I guess this will happen as the event grows, which I'm sure is inevitable as obviously there's a huge fanbase in the UK.

Arisa's stall

Photograph by Dominic Clarke

Photograph Miss Aniela

photograph by Dominic Clarke

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Lena said...

What an incredible event - I love the Kawaii competition!

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