Saturday, 23 July 2011

Not another Bill

If you're familiar with my blog and other sites I write for like Mien Magazine, you'll know that I'm a little post-obsessed. I'm a complete stationery fiend (my favourite is Alice Gabb, part of our Gabberdashery collective) and love writing and receiving real life mail. So when I read about Not Another Bill, a site that sends you a surprise present through the post, I thought it was a brilliant antidote to the email age. I've also come to the conclusion that its an absolutely ideal present to buy for someone who already has everything they need, or if you don't have time to trawl through all the brilliant independent online shops or rummage through markets yourself.Basically, thats what Not another Bill founder Ned does for you, as well as handling all the taking-to-the-post-office stuff.

Ned told me a bit about how he came up with the idea:
Ned: I
 came up with the concept late last year after my good friend Martin kept winging he never received any post at a shopaholic I had presents arriving from all over the place; ebay, amazon, asos etc. This made him very jealous and the idea sort of stemmed from there. And I started work on the site early this year' I love shopping and collecting things so some months its just things I've found in markets and fairs.
My background has always been in art and creative industries.I went to Central st Martins and since then have been working as an art director at M&C SAATCHI. My job there is to come up with concepts and ideas for adverts and posters, so with this background (mother an artist, sister in fashion blogging as well) I have built up a black book of companies, designers, artists, illustrators and general stuff that I think is cool.
Often so much stuff you buy from present sites is a bit generic-my thought was to bridge the gap between the vast amount of fresh creative talent and the commercial world.
In the process giving subscribers something really cool, whilst promoting the artist or brand in the process.I only send things I really like, so people are kind of relying on my taste, but I like that sense of curation.
I have some really exciting gifts in the pipeline, some very well established artists and a couple of amazing brands.

Gifts pictured from Present and Correct- who have a lovely new website too.

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