Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kew Gardens

At the beginning of the 'summer' I was sent some tickets to Kew Gardens by their team with a view to visiting and writing up my trip,but its taken until this last weekend for there to be decent enough weather to go!I finally made it to Kew on Sunday in the glorious sunshine-looking forward to seeing the glasshouses where the Downtown Abbey stars were photographed for last month's Vogue. My co-stars were Sabrina,Mariana and Akeela, who all looked gorgeous.

Look!A picture of me!That hardly ever happens.

Ironically after waiting ages for good weather to visit Kew, it was actually a bit too warm to spend much time in the beautiful greenhouses- I'd definitely like to visit in the winter when the warmth would be welcome.

I've been trying to teach myself how to draw recently, largely inspired by old botanical illustrations like these (as well as golden age children's illustrators like Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac)

Kew was a wonderful place to photograph lots of flowers for drawing practice. Of course I also wish I could do a photoshoot there to take some shots like these. I did a few with my baby sister back at our garden at home earlier this year.

Having lived in London for years and yet somehow having never visited Kew, I really enjoyed my trip and would definitely go back again. However, I would definitely recommend you take your own food and drink- I wasn't sure if we were allowed to bring our own picnics into the grounds and didn't get a reply from Kew's twitter account (it was the weekend so there was only an automated phone service when I called) so we ended up buying our food at the cafe there which was very pricey. But like I said, I'll be visiting again for sure; I'd like to see the gardens in other seasons- Autumn for example, and especially Christmas if we have snow again this year.Mmmmm Christmas... *sits with ice-bucket down pants*....

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Sabbotage said...

And a lovely day it was too! Thanks again for taking us. S x

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