Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stand-out Stars of London Fashion Week

Having posted pictures of the catwalk looks from LFW I'd actually love to wear, now it's time for the fun stuff-the batshit crazy shows that go all out on creativity and throw practicality out the window.First up, Ziad Ghanem:
Having said that about wearability, there are a number of more conventional pieces amongst the more eccentric of Ziad's dresses - the pink silk corseted dress followed by a a similar red lace number- phwoar!Models with boobs!Stunning!Models (and lots of these characters aren't actually professional models) are so much sexier when they show some character and personality-when they don't all look like expressionless clones.
Meadham Kirchhoff also put on an incredible show, interpreting Marie Antoinette silhouettes through a neon pastel colour palette; such fun!Photos from

The highlight of London Fashion Week for me was designer Inbar Spector who I've worked with for over a year now, dressing my client Gabby Young in her designers- here's a pic of Gabby in one of Inbar's creations:

Inbar's show just blew us away-we kept thinking every dress must be the finale piece as they were all such showstoppers. Having already worked with Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti, I know Inbar is going to be a fashion household name very soon. Her work has all the marks of real genius- originality, beauty and a uniqueness that makes her creations unmistakably identifiable as hers. I also took some pictures of this show on a lomography camera I was kindly lent by the lomography crew, so I can't wait to get them developed and see how they turned out. In the meantime here are some shots from my digital camera-they don't do the pieces justice at all though, these by 1883 magazine are much better.

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