Thursday, 20 October 2011

Shop for frocks and put pen to paper!

I'll be posting all about what I've been up to recently in an attempt to excuse the terrible neglect of my blog-but in the meantime I'm going to post lots of lovely things for you to get involved in!
If you missed the wonderful stalls we had at Koko last week, there's an opportunity for some brilliant shopping here:

Illustrators and Designers- submit your design to The Print Club London for your chance to be part of their Christmas print exhibition and sale.You'll get to use their brilliant screenprinting facilities and be part of a show that will doubtless get tons of great press and publicity.


Over the last few months Revere have invited a selection of artists from a variety of musical genres to remix, cover or in some way rework a song from our debut album Hey! Selim. Over the next few weeks will be releasing a series of REVERE / REWORKED EPs for FREE download.

REVERE have always taken a lot of pride in their album / EP / single covers, which are all the results of their ongoing relationships with two astounding photographers, Anthony Ellis and Mario Leko and several wonderful artists, Sarita Hawkins, Emma Godebska and Alice Gabb. They love the collaboration which goes into presenting our music in the most aesthetically sensitive and impressive way. So, for these EPs they're looking to continue our collaborations and are inviting YOU to showcase your talent...!

Want to get involved? They are looking for new covers for all the upcoming REWORKED EPs. You can rework existing covers or just start your own from scratch. The chosen covers will be included as part of the EP downloads as well as linking to each artist’s website and contact details if desired. To submit your cover send a high quality JPEG / TIFF to with all your details.

I also recently interviewed Beth Jeans Houghton for Run-Riot- I'm loving her song Dodecahedron.We've also got a great interview with Kyla la Grange (as featured in this month's Vogue) on the site at the moment-Enjoy!

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