Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ms MarmiteLover's Bonfire Weekend Underground farmers & craft market

Ms Marmitelover aka Kerstin Rodgers lives in a gorgeous house in Kilburn where she's hosted her infamous underground restaurant and written her stunning book about the experience: Supperclub.(You can read my interview with her here.)The recipes and photographs in it are proper food porn-and her farmers' market on Saturday was like the live show. Phwoar. Here are some snaps of things I saw and ate...

Liqueurs on the mantlepiece and cocktails on the ironing board from Alchemist Dreams

Evidence of Ms MarmiteLover's previous life as a photographer

Crochet lessons in the bedroom

Some of the brilliant reviews Kerstin's received hang on her walls.

Niko B doing a demonstration on the aga in the kitchen

Cultivate had some brilliant hybrid herbs like chocolate mint.

Peck Peck Peck ice-creams- I went for toffee apple flavour; it was delicious.

What the Dickens - kedgeree and devilled kidneys

Wheat free Brownies- I had Treason which was butterscotch

I also ate amazing fried risotto balls in a wrap with salad and chilli sauce from the  Arancini Brothers, freshly made ginger beer from Foxy Cooks and even had my tarot cards read by Madame de la Cartomancer. It was the kind of event that realy reminds me why I love living in London-a real taste of community with people of all ages in attendance. It makes me really want to try and replace some of my Tesco shopping with local market sellers.The demonstrations also inspired me to experiment more with my cooking, learn some new skills- and more importantly, invest more time in making some of my own stuff; I went home and made Christmas cake with my mum and sisters a couple of weekends ago and it was one of the most relaxing, therapeutic things I've done in ages. The food at the fair reminded me how much greater the satisfaction is when you eat something thats has had actual time and care put into it,even more so when its your own.


Lena said...

This looks like such a fab event!

Lou said...

Lovely piccie of my wheat-free brownies - thanks for featuring!

Love from Leadenhall Lou

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