Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Other Art Fair

Yesterday I popped in on my friends Tinsel and Twinkle who were selling their artwork at The Other Art Fair-a brilliant new anti-art fair where you buy straight from the artist rather than dealing with gallery owners/dealers etc.The piece below is a festive painting by Twinkle-you can read about the inspiration behind it here. The 'Risk is good for the Soul' painting is by Tinsel and I just found out she's giving me a print of it for Christmas, so I'm thrilled!.

The Robin Collective were there with their indoor Cafe du Pique Nique

I discovered some lovely new artists too- I love Jennifer Louise Martin's portraits.

And Harry and Jasper's 99p store-affordable art for everyone!

It was great to finally meet artist Rosie Emerson as I've heard so much about her-I worked on a shoot recently with make-up artist Monica Storrs who's also done the make-up for some of Rosie's projects.

Alma Haser's photographs are really magical.
Lyndsay Martin's work has a lovely vintage feel.


Dexterous DIva said...

Love it Katie! Will check out some of the artists. xx

Siany said...

I saw Tinsel and Twinkle and spotted your blog header! really enjoyed the show. Popped into the preview and found so much stuff to like. There was an artist called Daniel HIllier who really caught my eye, but the photographer with the almost black photos (Michael Booth, I think), was my favourite. Absolutely amazing work.

Plinth said...

So funny you should mention Dan Hillier, Siany- the first piece of art I ever invested in was a £50 print by him!It sill hangs in my bathroom!In fact, I think my FIRST EVER blog post was about him!

infoactu said...

Love it Katie! Will check out some of the artists.

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