Thursday, 12 January 2012

'Get your skates on' Giveaway-20 pairs of ice-skating tickets!

photo by Marcus Ginns

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, and fingers crossed the New Year is treating you well!Secondly, I must apologise for being a bad blogger as I've been away since Boxing day- on a boat in the Caribbean no less!It was a family treat for my mum's 50th birthday and we had an amazing time-I'll be posting pictures and video as soon as I've figured out how to edit my new flipcam footage! One of the loveliest things was having no wifi, phone or TV for 10 days which meant I really couldn't do any work and had to relax- the first time I've done so for longer than a day or two in years!
Anyway, now I'm back in the chilly January reality of London, and to make it up to you I've got an amazing offer to share.You may remember me blogging about Tiffany Skate at Somerset House before Christmas as I did some copywriting work for them- well the rink is still open, until 22nd January- and there are 20 pairs of FREE tickets to skate at Somerset House up for grabs!
You can skate at the ice rink on Thursday 19 January on the 17.30-18.30 skate session, just use the code below to book your tickets.
Tickets are strictly available on a first come first served basis.
To get your hands on the free tickets visit this link, then go to the skate date Thursday 19 January, click 'Find Tickets' taking you to a new page, in the ‘January Promotion Tickets’ box select a pair of tickets and enter the promotional code SKATE19J
Tickets are exclusively available to my network and only accessible via Ticketmaster online with a promo code.
Somerset House ice rink closes on Sunday 22 January. Catch it before it goes!

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