Saturday, 21 January 2012

Winter Sun

Here's the video I promised of the cruise I went on over New Year with my family-it's my first attempt at editing any flipcam footage, so please bear with me!I had such a wonderful time-whilst some elements of the cruise were a bit overwhelming (ORGANISED FUN,ORGANISED FUN) the Caribbean was simply stunning-I was astounded by how unspoilt it still is.Perhaps this was just because we were sailing into small harbours and isolated beaches, but so much of the island landscape seems still just to be covered in jungle-the villages and houses scattered so sparsely. One of the best bits was sharing a cabin with my sister, who's been travelling and at university the last year, so it was the first time for ages we've had plenty of quality time together. I also got to see my youngest sister sing for the first time (in the ship talent contest)-she really is terribly talented, I'll post a video online soon if she'll let me! There were only about 100 guests on board and just as many crew and staff members so it was fairly intimate- we got to know everyone well and see all the work that goes into running the largest full rigged sailing ship in the world.

I know summer holidays seem a long way off, but I thought I'd post some of my 'must-haves' for anyone going to sea.
  •  La Roche Posay sun protection for the face
  • Hair accessories-ship and flowers-by Now Voyager SOS
  • Marc Jacobs starry sunglasses- from Bicester village
  • Flipcam (Christmas present)
  • Vichy sun lotion and after-sun
  • Waterproof Notebook and pencil from Luckies

Roll on the holidays!!!

I've used MIA's Sunshowers as the music in this video. 


Love Bakery said...

Looks amazing. I lived in Antigua for about three months many, many years ago and I haven't managed to get back to visit since. I still remember though that feeling of other worldness. Hold onto that holiday feeling for as long as possible!

Alex P said...

Love this post!! Breathtaking stuff :)

Plinth said...

Sam- we LOVED Antigua-one of our favourite islands!Made me really want to get into sailing.Sadly I caught a beastly cold on the flight home so lost that holiday feeling pretty fast,but still feeling the benefits of having spent 10 days with no phone, internet, TV or even newspapers.Wasn't even wearing a watch so was just in glorious relaxation bubble!
Thanks Alex!x

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