Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hush Sample Sale and The Tea House Theatre

Sample Sale alert!I was disappointed this Christmas when I didn't receive any PJs.Usually it's a family tradition that we all get new PJs in our stockings, but I spent this Christmas at my boyfriend's and, whilst I still got a stocking when I went home, there was no nightwear in it.Disaster!So as soon as I got back to London, I ordered a pair of pyjamas from my favourite PJ company, Hush, who had a sale online.They arrive in lovely packaging, with the brilliant Hush newsletter that includes smashing film,book,music and even jam recommendations-what's not to love?Anyway...now Hush are having their real life sample sale-with pieces as cheap as £1!Their headquarters are just down the road from me-which would actually give you a chance to check out some of my favourite neighbourhood hang-outs- as I wrote about with my friend Gabby for Fox and Squirrel-read our virtual walk here! One of the places I wrote about is the Tea House Theatre- a new tea room that's popped up two minutes from my home- check out their spread:

You can also see me in the new copy of Psychologies magazine, out tomorrow (March issue); my portrait was actually shot in the Tea House Theatre.I'll update this post with the pic once I've found a copy and scanned it in!
Anyway, here are the details for the Hush sale- see you there!

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