Sunday, 5 February 2012

Pop Hive TV

For a long time now, the future of journalism has seemed to be more and more visual and audio-blogs rely on images and podcasts are booming-but whilst at a Cherry Sorbet workshop with the presenters of The High Tea Cast before Christmas, I was disappointed to learn that podcasts presented by women are few and far between.Video and TV bring the audio and visual together, but again, whilst you can think of many shows presented by women, there are few where the content and production is also controlled by the girls. I don't know whether to blame us being stereotypical techno-phobes (I only just got a flipcam for Christmas, am years behind, I know)or just the old battle against men already dominating the industry, but either way, it's really refreshing and inspiring to know someone like Cate Sevilla who has embraced all forms of media to create the Bitchbuzz website, become Very's technology expert and now...drumroll....launch her own TV channel, the Pop Hive!

The weekly show will provide an insight into various aspects of pop culture, from musicians to DJs,new films,books and 'interviews with women who create everything from films to food recipes, and are helping to reshape their respective industry'. Cate's first guests on the show are the Broken Hearts DJs, Amber and Nisha-brilliant examples of women who've really thrived in their particular niche.As female DJs, they're in the minority in a male-dominated industry- but have managed to make a brilliant career for themselves by combining their love of fashion and history with their music and DJ skills, presenting the Peppermint Candy radio show that looks back over the different eras of Jazz. Anyway- watch the interview with them for yourself here on the Pop Hive and do subscribe, because I'm sure they'll be more great content coming our way. Cate's a natural on TV- which is a hell of a lot harder than it looks, trust me. You can see my latest attempts at a video interview here on Run-Riot- be prepared for truly terrible sound quality and far too much tits and thigh from me. I chat to Swedish band First Aid Kit whose album The Lion's Roar is a beautiful take on American country music- they've recorded with the likes of Jack White and Bright Eyes and are about to tour with fellow Swede Lykke Li.You can also catch my interview with star of War Horse, Midnight in Paris and forthcoming movie The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston.It is a regular written interview.I did not even get to meet him (another reason why video is BETTER!)
As someone who's just experimenting with journalism in different media, it's really great to have other women to consult and get advice from,who make it all seem do-able and not some unattainable, over-ambitious pipe dream.
I thought I'd leave you with some relatively new female musicians who are worth listening to- so if your ipod's getting a bit stagnant, time to shop itunes for your 2012 playlist!

That should keep you going for a while-go forth, watch and listen!

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Ms Wanda said...

Cate is brilliant! I follow her on Twitter but never realised what a master she is on the silver screen. Thanks for sharing this - I've added it to my subscriptions. Look forward to seeing more.

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