Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway with Vintage Trudy!

At the very beginning of my writing career I spotted a couple of artists' work in a tiny exhibition in East London, really liked their paintings and ended up interviewing them both for Dazed and Confused. Both these artists Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton have gone on to become brilliantly successful artists, as well as dear friends of mine. We've worked together many times over the years, with the pair  creating all the artwork for my website, and Twinkle's genius painting 'The secret of England's Greatness'  is the heading here on my blog!
Both ladies are now working on wonderful projects-Tinsel opening her own studios A-Side, B-Side in Hackney Downs Studios, and Twinkle has just published a charming series of her grandmother's illustrations. They have a really sweet story behind them which you can read below:
Born in Amsterdam, Trudy's childhood fell apart when in World War 2, her father joined the resistance movement and the family had to live under assumed names, in hiding, often eating no more than tulip bulbs. At the age of 19 Trudy came to study nursing in Rugby, England and within months met the man she soon married. No guests at the wedding, just two witnesses, no honeymoon, but a trip to London Zoo. Pale, beautiful, thin, afraid of the sound of planes, in a foreign country,Trudy suddenly saw a life that held promise and joy. Her pictures, all originals, drawn in 1951-52, reflect the life she so wanted to live.

Years later after Trudy passing away these drawings by a much loved Nanna resurfaced. The family felt the drawings were too beautiful to be hidden away in an old sketchbook so in honour of Trudy and her dreams, and thousands of women like her in those post war years these drawings have been given new life. The drawings are not nostalgic reflections of an era gone by, but were created at the time and are as authentic and original as any vintage artefact you might find.

Vintage Trudy includes greeting cards and gift tags, aprons and cushion covers. The range will be expanding with new lines added as the venture grows. To keep regularly updated you can find us on Twitter and our online shop on Etsy

I thought these greeting cards and tags would make the perfect Mother's Day stationery-so the lovely Twinkle has offered us these two sets of cards and gift tags!
To win a set, leave a comment below telling me the best tales your mother or grandmother has ever told you about life in a different era. I'll add another entry for you if you tweet about it too- just tag @vintagetrudy and include a link to this post.

I've yet to meet any mum who doesn't appreciate being bought lovely flowers, so I thought I'd recommend my favourite florists, the Flower Appreciation Society. Have a look at their gorgeous website and you'll see how they're 'not your average florists'!


Anna Maria said...

My mum is Polish and grew up in communist Poland, so there were many tales of hardship. People used to queue for hours to get a few loo rolls. Supermarket shelves were bare save for vinegar (mysteriously, vinegar was the only stuff that never run out), but people still ate well. The reason: everyone living in a city cultivated even the most distant relative or friend, who lived in the country;-) So despite empty shops, at family gatherings tables groaned under the weight of home - made pickled veg, organic meat, lovely sourdough bread etc. This is why my mum can make her own sausages or skin a rabbit, whilst I don't have the faintest idea:-)
Twitted @StilletoLady

Anonymous said...

My mum has been helping me look after my little baby since she was born. Because i am raising my child alone my mum stepped in, offered me a room at her house, has fed, clothed, babysat my daughter. She was at my bedside for the whole 3 days I was in labour at hospital. She is my rock. She loves my daughter without wanting anything back. It's the best feeling knowing that we are 3 generations of beautiful strong women living under one roof with one aim in make each other happy @habobas

Tinsel Edwards said...

When I was young I used to suck my thumb. My Grandma tried to stop me from doing so by showing me her thumbs, one of them was withered and small. She said it was because she had sucked her thumb so much. Seeing it definitely helped me to give up the habit! Years later I found out that her thumb was like that because as a little girl she had fallen in the street and a horse and cart had driven over it...My Grandma died when I was 6, so I only have vague and fleeting memories and feelings, but I remember this one vividly! I wish I could have spent more time with her.@TinselEdwards

Anna Maria said...

Hi, I was wondering, have you picked the winners?

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