Thursday, 3 May 2012

Birthday Wishlist

I thought I'd put together a few things I'd love for my birthday which is on 9th May. Mother, if you're reading this...?

Beg Bicycles: Betty I love this company's aesthetic and ethos. I'm rubbish at going to the gym, so finding a way to fit exercise into my everyday routine is really important- bike riding works a treat.

Kissing Horses Sleeping Bag Why do the majority of sleeping bags have to be so ugly and boring? I'd love this gorgeous sleeping bag for festivals. And even on the sofa at home-it's so pretty you wouldn't want to hide it under the bed the way I do with regular sleeping bags.

Green American Milk Glass Cake Stands I love everything at RE-found, but especially the vintage green milk glass range.

Clinique moisture surge gel - the best moisturiser I've found for my oily skin.

Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes from Coggles. Size 8 please. Ta very much.

Dress from Ebay - I swear by ebay, especially for when you're trying to track down really specific items. I have wanted a palm tree print dress since I was a teenager, when my then-style-icon, Rachel from Friends, wore a gorgeous dress in the episode, The One at the Beach. This ebay number comes pretty close, as does the stunning Tara Starlet Hawaiian print dress below. I actually want her whole range of mix and match Hawaiian print separates, (especially these)- it's one of my favourite looks for this summer. Now all we need is some sunshine.

1 comment:

Kelly-Marie said...

You've gotta have those shoes! They always smell soo good. Can't believe how cute that sleeping bag is. xx

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