Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blogville Bologna - Part 4

So here's my final post on the Blogville trip I went on to Bologna- it may sound cliche but the most fun I had was probably shopping! Not that I bought much, I just really enjoyed exploring the town's local shops and markets; there were a few chains on the main high street, but otherwise it was all independent shops, cafes and restaurants which really add to the town's character.

There's a mix of really traditional shops and sellers like this florist transporting flowers in his bike, and the butchers below, and more modern boutiques.

Out apartment was only a few doors down from an incredible little shop called 'Memories' which sold all sorts of vintage jewellery, trinkets, books and postcards like these pin-ups below.

We also discovered a treasure trove of a jumble sale in the yard of a beautiful church- selling everything from old glasses, crockery, artwork, furniture and clothes.

I'm a bit of a vintage photo and postcard fiend- here are some of the nicest ones I bought in Bologna. I love sending vintage postcards to people, but I also love it when I find postcards that have been used- I found one sent from London at King George's coronation in 1911- I could translate that it said 'The coronation is next week, we hope the weather is good'- seems like all those years ago they had the same concerns we had for the Jubilee over a century later!

Also just on the doorstep of our apartment was the cutest little shop selling handmade clothes and artwork- like this adorable pair of baby booties with a rabbit's head and tail on the soles- so incredibly cute.

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