Friday, 22 June 2012

Blogville in Bologna- Part 2

Photo by Frankie Murray

Pic by our fellow Blogville guest Helene Lohr
So here I am in Bologna with Frankie and Akeela- this is just a brief post showcasing some of the looks we rocked at Blogville! You can read more about our trip here.
Akeela did my hair for me in 1930s style pincurls- it worked so well and I loved the look I was left with-it lasted for days too, which is really rare for my hair as it's so fine that curls hardly ever stay in. The other problem with having super fine hair is that it gets damaged really easily- so I try to avoid using too much heat on it. Akeela just did my hair when it was wet, I slept with them under a silk scarf, brushed them out in the morning then covered them with hairspray.Ta da! I've tried to do them myself a few times since the holiday and I've found these tutorials really helpful- the girl in them is just incredibly cute too.

Photo (and hair!) by Akeela Bhattay (In Hotel Orologio, read more about it here)

Akeela looking super stylish in a beautiful outfit by Eleven Paris

Frankie Murray in the most practical maxi dress ever by Hot Squash- it's made of special material that regulates your temperature- keeping you warm when it's chilly or cool when it's hot.

Akeela in a beautiful vintage dress from Penny Dreadful Vintage

Italian Vogue- always full of gorgeous editorials.

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