Friday, 29 June 2012

Holiday in Hastings

So after my exciting travels to Italy, I returned home  to Jubilee madness in London. My boyfriend and I decided to leave the city for the bank holiday weekend, and we managed to find a lovely little B&B in Hastings that looked beautifully decorated but still affordable. I'd heartily recommend Laindons to anyone visiting Hastings- the room was stunning, complete with all the little luxuries that made a stay away from home special; bathrobes, hot chocolate, a thick velvet eiderdown, vintage fireplace and beautiful chaise longue by the big windows with a wonderful view over the town. The English breakfast was plentiful and perfectly cooked.

 Laindons is located on the high street, which is full of my absolute favourite types of shops- vintage treasure troves, antique markets, bric a brac and charity shops and of course seaside shops selling rock and fudge. I also discovered the most amazing hardware store- a bit like London's Labour and Wait, the A G Hendy Home Store had such stunning stock that it could actually get me excited about cleaning. I only had my iphone with me so apologies for the shoddy quality of these images, but you can see from below some of the vintage- inspired brushes. I was also a huge fan of how they styled the shop windows which are pictured above- vintage chests of drawers and plates displayed in quite a modern, minimalist way. It really made the shop stand out from all the other little antique stores which were just crammed to the ceiling with bits and bobs (I'm also a big fan of this look, but can't help admitting the A G Hendy approach looked much smarter and easier to see what you were looking for!)

They also had whole ranges of vintage-inspired crockery that looked exactly like a set my grandmother used to have- it made me quite nostalgic. I found it particularly sweet that the shop doesn't even have a website yet! But they do have a facebook page; here it is.

Other gems I found include this ship's bunting- it was in a shop where we actually ended up spending a considerable amount of money on a pair of Art Deco mirrors. They're absolutely huge- about 6ft x 5ft- we think they actually used to be used as panels or doors. Though it felt like a lot to spend, the price we paid for the pair is, I'm sure, less than we would have paid for just one mirror similar to them in London. There really were some bargains to be had- I thoroughly recommend a visit if you're refurnishing!

The seaside in Hastings is really lovely- I wish I had taken my proper camera, but then again, it was very drizzly and grey so I probably wouldn't have got many good pictures anyway. I loves these giant beach-huts that are unique to Hastings- fishermen used to hang there nets in them to dry which is why they're so tall. There are, of course, many fish and chip joints around town, but we went to a little restaurant called Pomegranate on the recommendation of a friend and it was really excellent- I'm not a huge fish fan generally but this was really delicious, and not a lot more expensive than the average chippie takeaways!

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