Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sex and Death

I recently went to the latest Guts for Garters' exhibition, a collaboration with Fox and Squirrel. I've written about both companies before as they do brilliant work, promoting some of the most exciting up and coming creative talent in London. The theme for their latest venture was Sex and Death, featuring everything from vintage clothes to jewellery, to embroidery and sculpture.

The window display was by the legendary props designer and stylist Petra Storrs- you might not know her name but you'll definitely have seen her work- think Paloma Faith's balloon outfit at Glastonbury, Lady Gaga's stained glass dress in the video for Born this Way. The window featured a 'Sex' planet and a 'Death' planet- I'm guessing this was meant to imply that they make the world go round? 
The exhibition also included work by wonderful artist Rosie Emerson- the make-up artist who worked on the models for Rosie's photographs was actually Monica Storrs: Petra's sister. It's a teeny tiny world! You can see a photoshoot I styled which Monica did the make-up for here (one image below)
(model Kate Power, photography by Claire Huish)

AND- I actually went to school with Fox and Squirrel director Penelope Sacorafou when we were both growing up in Cyprus. Fact. 

Fox and Squirrel director Penelope Sacorafou wearing a dress from Juno Says Hello

And before I start to freak you out, Petra has also done the props and costumes for Rachel Snider's latest theatre project, Camellia and the Rabbit , a show about one of my favourite things- TEA!
'It is the elixir of the Gods. It has stirred wars, created vast fortunes and advanced medical science. It is at its prime in the afternoon. It has infused women's liberation. And it can always be relied upon in a crisis. It is Camellia Sinensis and it has rescued a rabbit, charmed a magician and saved Rachel's life.'
More pics here on Petra's site. How amazing are these shots? I want a teabag hat.


Frankie said...

I need to go to Guts for Garters, I still haven't been! Take me, please? x

car finance melbourne said...

Amazing photos. It's very couture in nature with a little bit of the renaissance era.

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