Monday, 4 June 2012

Wishful Reading

Two of my favourite bloggers recently got in touch to let me know they were making a magazine as part of their final year project. Now, apart from being extremely jealous (why the hell didn't I do something like this at uni?!) I was genuinely excited- despite being a blogger and blog addict, I'm still a huge fan of print magazines. WishWishWish and Snippets of Shiny Thoughts both have such lovely aesthetics, I could already picture the magazine in my head- and when I went to the launch a couple of weeks ago I wasn't disappointed!

The party was as beautiful as the magazine itself- with absolutely gorgeous cakes by Yummy in your Tummy that looked as good as they tasted. All the guests looked stunning too- obviously we all have fairly similar taste to Carrie (Wishwishwish) and Lucy (Snippets of shiny thoughts)- so there were lots of floral prints, vintage dresses, tropical playsuits, pastel palettes and flowers in hair! I didn't manage to get many good shots- you'll find better ones on the girls' respective blogs- but there's a snap of Carrie and Lucy above, and one of the lovely Amy Marks from Wolf Whistle below.

There were wonderful treats in store for all the senses- a delicious Hendricks 'Wish' cocktail mixed especially for the event, Penhaligons perfumes on display (you could have your scent profiled- I enjoyed this experience at a Penhaligons event a while ago, you can read about it here) and even knitting to get stuck in to! The magazine is full of all the sort of content I thoroughly approve of- lots of interesting people, a wonderful section on stationery, stunning shoots styled by Carrie and quirky, illustrations full of character (some of the illustrators were actually at the launch drawing guests' portraits!)

And here's the best bit- when Carrie and Lucy got in touch with me, they were asking if they could feature an interview with me and my main styling client and best friend, singer Gabby Young. We were thrilled to be asked, and met up with the girls at The Vintage Emporium for our interview- where I fear we babbled on incoherently quite a bit; we generally do a lot of chatting and giggling when we get together! You can pre-order the magazine here.
Come along and see Gabby perform her new album at Scala on 13th June- details all here.  I'll be running Gabberdashery and we'll have a lot of really great shopping opportunities for any of you planning festival trips this summer- Rosa Bloom and Playsuit Parlour for a start! Hope to see you there!

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